Boondocks open for business

Dec. 5—SUNBURY — The owners of Boondocks Wood Fired Grill want people to come and try the food because they say customers will be pleasantly surprised.

Owner Michael Heaps said he was working as a chef in Wilmington, Delaware, and when he heard from family members back in the Valley that The Den was closing and was for sale, it was the right opportunity to come to Pennsylvania and check things out.

"It was just the right timing for me," Heaps said. "I always wanted to do this, and we wanted to make sure everything was right and this worked itself out."

Heaps didn't want the building that sits on 890 and Route 61, just outside of Sunbury, to sit empty long after The Den closed in the late summer, so he said he moved in and made some quick upgrades before opening in less than two weeks after the transfer.

"We wanted people to be able to come right back in," he said. "This was a very quick turnaround and we are very happy to see our customers coming in and relaxing and having their meals."

Heaps said he wanted to open a place that gave a family a chance to go out, spend time together and eat good food.

"We are excited and happy to see people coming in to try us out," he said. "We have been busy and hoping this continues."

Sunbury Mayor Josh Brosious said even though Boondocks is just outside the city, it shows people are looking at the Valley to come and open up a business.

"I am happy to see Michael (Heaps) and his family are investing in the Sunbury community," he said. "They may not be in city limits, but they have already reached out asking how they can get involved. This goes to show that they are committed to the area and making it a welcoming place for families to have dinner and enjoy a night out."

Boondocks is open from 4 through 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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