New Book by The Venus Project Offers Greater Insight Into Jacque Fresco's Vision Of The Future

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"Do You Speak Future? Book of Insights" by Jacque gives a glimpse of a vast vision from a complex and enigmatic thinker who foresaw the problems we are now facing but, in contrast to most, has provided us with comprehensive solutions to them.

This book of quotes will give you penetrating insights into humanity's follies, human behavior, and a potential positive future from a unique futurist who saw beyond so many.

VENUS, Fla., Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Venus Project is pleased to present the release of Do You Speak Future? Book of Insights, a book of quotations by its founder Jacque Fresco (1916-2017). Jacque Fresco is best known for his work as a visionary futurist who dared to ask the difficult questions: Will civilization collapse? How can we transition to a new social system? What changes must humanity undergo to flourish? He attempted to provide extensive answers to these questions in a body of work spanning 80 years, whereas many people are just beginning to realize how pertinent these questions are to the situations we find ourselves in today.

Fresco conceptualized the problems and solutions for the human species and modern civilization in very divergent, if not entirely new, ways. Fresco was a complex and enigmatic thinker, an outlier whose divergent thoughts are perhaps what is needed to help us navigate through complicated times when foresight and holistic thinking are essential.

Decades of study across a wide variety of relevant disciplines led Fresco to a firm conclusion: our social structures, societal norms, traditional beliefs, and economic system underlie the numerous escalating crises currently afflicting human civilization. The scope of Fresco's considerations, the breadth of his knowledge, the depth of his experience, and the technical nature of his proposals culminate into a system of thought so far unparalleled by any other futurist, philosopher, or social theorist, and will prove difficult to parallel for times to come.

The Venus Project is a non-profit organization that reflects the culmination of Mr. Fresco's life work: the integration of the best of science and technology into a comprehensive plan for a new society based on human and environmental concern. It is a global vision of hope for the future of humankind in our technological age. To bring his vision to life, Fresco designed and inhabited a future oriented environment consisting of 10 buildings on 21 acres in Venus, FL. Read a recent interview about The Venus Project with two of its board of directors in Forbes. Visit our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.

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