New Book Empowers Businesses to Rapidly Identify and Eliminate Underperformance

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"Outperform: How Leaders Can Drive Productivity and Supercharge Growth" introduces readers to the D-MAPP Program™, the innovative, proven approach to improved efficiency and productivity by The Dorsey Group.

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Dorsey Group, a business consulting firm, today announces the release of "Outperform: How Leaders Can Drive Productivity and Supercharge Growth," written by Dr. Carla Dorsey with Tim Dorsey. Based on a three-year research study and 25 years of experience, the D-MAPP Program™ was pioneered by the Dorseys to rapidly identify and eliminate underperformance. With real-life examples and doctorate research explanations, "Outperform" dives deep into the D-MAPP Program and informs readers on how to drive productivity, supercharge growth and create value.

"No organization has room for waste," Dorsey said. "Every day, companies should be working to operate efficiently, eliminate waste and make decisions based on data and hard evidence. I am passionate about giving businesses the knowledge and tools to perform their very best. 'Outperform' is written to inform, educate and guide business leaders. Underperformance is not inevitable!"

Dorsey recently earned her doctorate of business administration from the University of South Florida, where she conducted research on her and her husband's next-generation approach to business improvement. Seeing how much the research participants benefited from their approach, she wanted to make her findings available to a wider audience. That desire sparked the idea to write "Outperform."

"Outperform" is Dorsey's debut book. In the book, she uncovers the concept that all businesses – even very successful ones – often underperform because they don't know how, why and where to make changes in their organization. They rely disproportionately on gut-feel and historical precedent to drive decision-making. The solution is evidence-based decision-making – i.e., using data to drive actions. To apply that solution, businesses have found success with the D-MAPP Program, a next-generation approach to getting the results businesses need and creating value.

The approach is designed to be rapid, easy to use, easy to understand, unobtrusive and cost-effective, creating a complete paradigm shift in how businesses think about every aspect of their operations. "Outperform" helps facilitate this shift, sharing an original, proven approach on topics such as diagnosing underperformance, applying evidence-based decision-making and getting the most out of this innovative approach to improving operational performance.

"Outperform: How Leaders Can Drive Productivity and Supercharge Growth" is now available to read online. E-book copies may be purchased via Google Books, and physical copies may be purchased at To learn more about "Outperform," visit this page.

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The Dorsey Group is a business consulting firm that develops high-performing organizations by implementing the infrastructure, strategies, tools and behaviors to optimize productivity and growth. We partner with companies, enabling their teams to achieve peak performance by focusing on aligning and scaling their organization, engaging their employees and creating a culture of operational excellence.

About Dr. Carla Dorsey
Carla Dorsey has been CFO of The Dorsey Group since 1995. She has served as an accounting instructor, chairman of the special interest group at the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship and on the board for several organizations. She earned her doctorate of business administration from the University of South Florida Muma College of Business in 2019. Based on her doctoral research, "Outperform: How Leaders Can Drive Productivity and Supercharge Growth" is her debut book.

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