Blue Jays Roundup: Track back at it, tennis sees first action of 2021

Katie Gerber, The Jamestown Sun, N.D.
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Apr. 17—The racquets needed some rust knocked off and the Blue Jays obliged.

The Jamestown High School girls tennis team kicked off its first season since 2019 Friday evening. The Jays faced and fell to Bismarck Century, Dickinson and Minot. The Blue Jays are slated to host Bismarck High Tuesday at 4:!5 p.m.

"We were a little rusty at the start," JHS head coach Paul Olson said. "It was one of those days where you saw improvement throughout the day. The scores weren't exactly indicative of how we played. We had a lot of girls who played well, just had a bad break or a missed shot. We had a day where every one of those went our opponents' way."

Several of the girls on the Blue Jay roster made their varsity debut Tuesday. Edie Hegerle, Mya Henderson, Sofia Williams, Grace LeFevre and Isabel LeFevre made up the bottom half of the Jays' lineups.

"We saw glimpses of how good they could be," Olson said. "With a little bit more work and practice throughout the season, I feel really good about where they could be."

While the Blue Jays were unable to collect on matches, Olson was far from disappointed in his team's performance.

"It's a good way to start off the season," Olson said. "It's a good measuring stick against other WDA teams. We leave today knowing what we need to work on moving forward and optimistic about when we come out against BHS on Tuesday in our home opener that we are going to be a better team because we played these matches."

Bismarck Century 5, Jamestown 0


No. 1: Blaike Zander/Ashley Kindem, BC def. Lauryn Hibl/Cora Wolsky 6-3, 6-3.

No. 2: Riley Lembke/Maya Kubsad, BC def. Phoebe Olson/Maleeka Kramlich 6-3, 5-7, 10-8.

No. 3: Soni Navisha/Erika Lee, BC def. Grace LeFevre/Isabel LeFevre 6-0, 6-1

No. 4: Halle Dunlop/Bailey Upgren, BC def. Bria Nieswagg/Sofia Williams 6-4, 6-1.

No. 5: Eva Savageau/Becca Bassinthwaitz, BC def. Mya Henderson/Edie Hegerle 6-4, 4-6, 15-13.

Dickinson 5, Jamestown 0


No. 1: Valeria Bradley/Emma Dazell, D def. Olson/Hibl 6-1, 7-5.

No. 2: Lola Homiston/Elizabeth Dean def. Wolsky/Kramlich 6-4, 6-3.

No. 3: Rachel Dazell/Shayna Klitzke, D def. Nieswaag/G. LaFevre 4-6, 7-5, 10-5.

No. 4: Julianne Kadrmas Liberty Fullmer, D def. Henderson/I. LeFevre 7-6, 6-4.

No. 5: Lexi Wilson/Morgan Daley, D def. Williams/Hegerle 6-3, 6-2.

Minot 5, Jamestown 0


No. 1: Eden Olson/Sofia Egge, M def. Olson/Hibl 8-2.

No. 2: Morgan Wheeler/Sydney Fettig, M def. Wolsky/Kramlich 8-0.

No. 3: Martine Hammer/Emma Scheeler, M def. G. LeFevre/Henderson 8-4.

No. 4: Sidney Ressler/Sabryn Ronning, M def. Williams/I. LeFevre 8-1.

No. 5: Sienna Ronning/Mackenzie Strange, M def. Nieswaag/Hegerle 8-1.

Blue Jays brave cold temps at West Fargo Sheyenne

The weather did the Jamestown High School track and field team no favors Friday evening.

"On a day like today, you kind of use it as a training day," co-head JHS track and field coach Mike Dietz said. "These were not ideal conditions but I thought the (kids) did a really good job."

The Blue Jays braved temps in the low 40s and 20 mile-per-hour winds in West Fargo where they competed against West Fargo, West Fargo-Sheyenne, Devils Lake and Fargo Shanley. Both of the Blue Jay boys and girls teams placed third with the boys rolling to a 123.5 finish while the girls racked up 126 team points.

Friday marked the first outdoor meet where the Jays' competed as an entire team.

"The kids had a lot of fun," Dietz said. "The girls were cheering on the boys and the boys were cheering on the girls so that comradery that happens when you are part of a team was happening. Every coach works with both the girls and the boys but when you don't get to see how they compete, you wonder how they are doing. It was a lot of fun to just get a regular meet in."

In some events, there weren't any Blue Jays to cheer for.

"With the forecast being so cool we didn't want to risk a kid pulling a muscle this early in the season," Dietz said. "We didn't have anybody in the 100-meter dash. We're still trying to protect the kids and give them just a few events to compete in."

The Blue Jays also pulled a handful of athletes from the long and trip jump and did not run anyone in the 110-meter hurdle race.

Rainy and windy conditions couldn't stop the Blue Jays from competing in the 300-meter hurdles.

"We're just trying some different events for some of these kids to try and get them out of their comfort zone and make them better athletes, better competitors," Dietz said. "Bernadette Belzer ran really well and it was the first time that Yolanda (Nabwe) had ever run the 300 hurdles.

"Carly (Raap) ran a faster time, Kaelyn (Nygaard) was kind of where I expected her to be and we had some other kids who just ran really well. That's kind of the fun thing about track — we try to experiment and try to get them to do different things. We've got to get some more meets to see how that kind of pans out."

Belzer won the 300 hurdles title while Nabwe came in first in the 200-meter dash sprinting to a time of 27.38 seconds. As always, senior Meghan Ford made a statement in the distance events, claiming first-place finishes in the 800 meter and the 1,600 meter run. Ford crossed the line of the half-a-mile race with a time of 2:26.91 and finished her four laps in 5:15.88.

Ben Anteau finished eight laps around the track in 9:42.38 — one second behind 2-mile winner Jacob Knodle of West Fargo Sheyenne. Anteau also anchored the 4x800 meter relay which ended up placing second with a time of 8:46.72.

While Dietz said he was happy with the Jays' overall performance he said he is looking forward to what the spring weather can do for the Blue Jays' times and distances.

"Hopefully we get a meet above 50 degrees," Dietz said. "Especially for sprinters, it's hard to run a good time when it's 40 degrees out. But as it warms up those times will get faster just naturally. They competed well, it's early in the season."

Team results

Boys: 1. West Fargo Sheyenne 298, 2. Shanley 127, 3. Jamestown 123.5, 4. Devils Lake 85, 5. West Fargo 2.5. Girls: 1. West Fargo Sheyenne 230, 2. Shanley 175.5, 3. Jamestown 126, 4. Devils Lake 104, 5. West Fargo 19.5.

Top finishers / Blue Jay results

4x800 meter relay: Boys: 1. West Fargo Sheyenne (Caeden Johnson, Aiden Johnson, Kamden Coles, Jacob Knodle), 8:27.05; 2. Jamestown (Chandlar Rott, Micah Hoke, Gavin Haut, Ben Anteau), 8:46.72. Girls: 1. Devils Lake (Kita McLaurin, Kayla Britsch, Gabrielle McLaurin, Ramsey Brown), 11:02.66; 3. Jamestown (Jera Truax, Alexis Kirkeby, Hannah Soulis, Kyra Hoffer), 11:49.58.

High jump: Boys: 1. Michael Nhial, WFS, 5-10; 3. Faustin Tuyikeze, JHS, 5-6; 5. Paris Ndikum, JHS, 5-0. Girls: 1. Lander Fridederichs, SHAN, 4-11; 5. Hibpshman 4-3.

Long jump: Boys: 1. Ty Schlichting, WFS, 21-7; Girls: 1. Isabelle Snyder, SHAN, 15-0.

100 meter dash: Boys: 1. John Gores, SHAN, 11.18. Girls: 1. Sydney Volesky, WFS, 13.04.

300 meter hurdles: Boys: 1. Issac Birnbaum, WFS, 44.10; 2. Preston Kroeber 45.34; 3. Devin Beach 46.62; 8. Ndikum 51.19; 9. Asher Williams 51.47. Girls: 1. Bernadette Belzer, JHS, 50.62; 5. Kaelyn Nygaard 53.82; 6. Yolanda Nabwe 54.04; 8. Carly Raap 55.90; 9. Olivia Hagen 58.39.

100 meter hurdles: Girls: 1. Peyton Breidenbach, WFS, 18.67.

200 meter dash: Boys: 1. Henry Collins, SHAN, 23.21; 4. Brode Hillstrom 24.43; 6. Levi Korum 25.10; 7. C'Aundre Douglas 25.25; 12. Ndikum 25.99; 13. Hunter Nelson 26.02; 18. Asher Williams 26.91; 19. Ethan Hoff 26.98; 21. Caden Michaelson 27.29; 23. Xander Netolicky 27.39; 26. Damien Cross 27.90; 31. Ty Kapp 29.09. Girls: 1. Yolanda Nabwe, JHS, 27.38; 10. K. Nygaard 29.91; 12. Raap 30.12; 16. Sydney Fisher 30.63; 21. Erica Tarr 31.04; 22. Lexi Hibpshman 31.8; 27. Arya Mickelson 33.30; 29. Alexis Kirkeby 34.28; 31. Krysta Schmiedeberg 34.57; 33. Anabelle Cramer 35.4.

400 meter dash: Boys: 1. Carson Dean, SHAN, 55.23; 6. Caden Michaelson 1:03.37. Girls: 1. Allie Emineth, SHAN, 1:07.33; 5. Mickelson 1:12.08; 8. Olivia Hagen 1:16.63; 10. Kyra Hoffer 1:18.54.

800 meter run: Boys: 1. Caeden Johnson, WFS, 2:07.17; 4. Kade Schumacher 2:16.10; 5. Micah Hoke 2:16.83; 7. Ethan Igl 2:27.20; 9. Austin Anderson 2:34.34; 10. Raine Job 2:35.72; 19. Ethan Sprague 2:56.17. Girls: 1. Meghan Ford, JHS, 2:26.91; 8. Maddy Orr 2:50.47; 9. Brooklyn Nygaard 2:55.38; 11. Jera Truax 2:57.83; 13. Hannah Soulis 3:03.88.

1600 meter run: Boys: 1. Brady Goss, DL, 5:02.45; 3. Schumacher 5:08.23; 4. Cullen Flieth 5:09.34; 7. Ethan Igl 5:37.89; 9. Raine Job 5:46.68; 11. Austin Andersen 5:58.35; 15. Sprague 6:22.66; Girls: 1. Ford, JHS, 5:15.88; 6. B. Nygaard 6:01.98; 8. Orr 6:25.45.

3200 meter run: Boys: 1. Jacob Knodle, WFS, 9:41; 2. Anteau 9:42.38; 4. Gavin Haut 10:12.66; 5. Rott 10:31.56.

4x100 meter relay: Boys: 1. West Fargo Sheyenne (Abraham Kollie, Trevor Tiongson, Ethan Raan, Ty Schlichting), 45.54; Girls: 1. West Fargo Sheyenne (Erin Mueller, Sydney Volesky, Saree Wadeson, Avary Fitzpatrick), 53.61; 4. Jamestown (Anabelle Cramer, Mickelson, Tarr, Schmiedeberg), 1:00.74

4x200 meter relay: Boys: 1. Shanley (John Gores, Carson Dean, Carter Kochmann, Henry Collins), 1:34.81; 3. Jamestown (Korum, Douglas, Williams, Hillstrom), 1:43.29; 5. Jamestown (Melusi Senzanje, Ty Kapp, Eric Chea, Damien Cross), 1:52.41; 6. Jamestown (Ethan Hoff, Isaac Duven, Caden Michaelson, Xander Netolicky), 1:54.87. Girls: 1. West Fargo Sheyenne (Erin Nowacki, Avery Fitzpatrick, Saree Wadeson, Sydney Volesky), 1:53.56; 5. Jamestown (Taylor Williamson, Hibpshman, Fisher, Kinley Anderson), 2:08.56;

4x400 meter relay: Boys: 1. Shanley (Carson Dean, Carter Kochmann, Emmett Kenney, Henry Collins), 3:40.90; 3. Jamestown (Ndikum, Kroeber, Nelson, Beach), 4:00.35. Girls: 1. Devils Lake (Kiya McLaurin, Annika McCarthy, Isabella Tangedal, Ramsey Brown), 4:39.73.

Shot Put: Boys: 1. James Tice, DL, 45-7; 2. Thomas Allmer 45-2.5; 27. Blayke Simmers 34-5.5; 29. Tanner Sumrall 33-7; 31. Bo Nelson 32-1; 32. Ethan Holmquist 32-1; 33. Malakai Robinson 31-0. Girls: 1. Annie Nabwe, JHS, 43-5; 4. Taylor Williamson 32-1; 11. Kinley Anderson 25-10; 14. Allison Panchot 24-7; 18. Kendyl Anderson 23-2.5; 23. Destiny Gray 21-0; 24. Liv Frohlich 20-9; 26. Cammie Veldkamp 20-7.5.

Discus: Boys: 1. Thomas Allmer, JHS, 152-1; 15. B. Nelson 86-2; 18. Holmquist 79-5; 19. Simmers 79-4; 22. Sumrall 76-6. Girls: 1. Moriku Hakim, SHAN, 121-6; 2. Taylor Williamson 107-6; 4. A. Nabwe 101-1; 7. Chea Baugh 88-10; 14. Anderson 78-5; 21. Frohlich 67-5; 22. Panchot 66-8; 26. Anderson 62-0; 35. Cammie Veldkamp 52-9.

Javelin: Boys: 1. Colton Schneider, DL, 155-8; 6. Kroeber 115-7; 8. Beach 114-0; 13. Sumrall 99-7; 25. Malakai Robinson 70-9. Girls: 1. Mariah Burd, SHAN, 111-4; 2. A. Nabwe 106-5; 6. Williamson 90-9; 9. Baugh 82-2; 17. Kirkeby 66-1; 20. Gray 59-7; 23. Cramer 56-4.

Pole Vault: Boys: 1. Erik Ault, WFS, 11-0; Girls: 1. Taylor Lee, WF, 8-9.

Triple Jump: Boys: 1. KJ Franklin, WFS, 41-8.25; Girls: 1. Azure Ries, SHAN, 32-5.25.