BlackBook Publishing and Renowned Contemporary Artist John Ransom Phillips Release Sleeping Presidents, An Artist's Perspective on U.S. Presidents

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Sleeping Presidents Blurs Art and Politics in Dreamy Exploration

NEW YORK, March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BlackBook Publishing is thrilled to announce the global release of Sleeping Presidents ($45 USD): a 215-page large format art book. Created and authored by well-known contemporary artist, filmmaker and poet John Ransom Phillips, Sleeping Presidents offers stunning art inspired by stories of the 45 past American Presidents, available now worldwide.

Phillips invaded the dreams of every Commander in Chief. Some stories are more expansive than others, depending how the presidents met Phillips in their subconscious encounters. Each president has a featured chapter. As Joe Biden's Presidency is in its infancy, this chapter is offered exclusively online.

"We often are more truly ourselves when we are asleep than in our waking life," Phillips said. "Invasions ran the gamut – some presidents resisted, while others were met with a kind of pleasure bordering on frenzy."

Sleeping Presidents explores the gulf between what we allow to be seen publicly and what we may be desperate to conceal, even from ourselves. Blurring the personal and political, these sympathetic, candid and amusing vignettes give witness to the private rites of public personae.

In the book, you will find:

  • George Washington fulfilling his repressed desire.

  • Bill Clinton absorbing his mother's power.

  • Ulysses S. Grant making peace with death.

  • Presidents who resisted dream invasion included Zachary Taylor, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson and Gerald Ford.

Each President is graced with figurative, emotional artwork (oil paintings and watercolors) that augment and amplify the text, exploring their unconscious worlds as interpreted through Phillips' inquiry and vision.

Although these vignettes often read like prose poetry, they are much more. Laced with nuance, insight and extensive research, common themes and images emerge through the inverted timeline of Sleeping Presidents, making the work entirely without equal.

BlackBook is a leading global media brand, art gallery, full service creative agency and publishers of the award-winning BlackBook Magazine since 1996.

Working across various media - painting, film, theater and poetry - John Ransom Phillips blurs the lines between worlds and erases the boundaries between art, reality and imagination. He invites his audience to be part of his visions, embarking on historical and metaphysical journeys layered with universal themes of intimacy, love, sex and death. Phillips nurtures and channels these visions and tries not to question their origins. Phillips resides and works in New York, and his artwork has been exhibited worldwide.

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Phillips is available for interviews upon request. Review copies also available upon request.

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