Bjarne Melgaard Hosts Lightbulb Man MetaRave

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MANCHESTER, England, January 20, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bjarne Melgaard has teamed up with UK outfit NFTU to host his Web 3 venture in Decentraland. Globally renowned artist Bjarne Melgaard is heading into the Metaverse hosting a Techno Rave (virtual art party) in Decentraland. It is a once in a lifetime chance to rave with the enigma himself, from anywhere in the world, the event will kick off at 12pm CET 20.01.22! The rave is a table kick to canapés and the pretentiousness of the art world. The innovative rave will celebrate and toast the release of Melgaard’s NFT project The Lightbulb Man, the culturally significant sculpture which stands in the National Gallery of Norway has received the web 3 treatment being digitized for the blockchain into a series of 1122 graphically striking images. The event features Norways finest DJ’s Prins Thomas, Lindstrom, kink event U OK HUN? are stepping out of East London into the Metaverse and Melgaard super fans DJ duo Might be Twins will be performing a killer set. All of this will be live streamed on a giant screen in the specially designed Lightbulb Man Metaverse set. Where techno music, acid colour schemes and 3d Lightbulb Men will be all vividly brought to life. Bjarne the disruptor is bringing a little taste of the New York scene of which he is a key figure to his digitally imagined world, it wouldn’t be Melgaard without controversy, the set and tech performances will be scattered with symbols from Melgaard’s extensive oeuvre. Melgaard fans lookout!

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The Lightbulb Man Decentraland Meta-Rave! Hosted by Bjarne Melgaard. DJ's Prins Thomas, Lindstrom, Might Be Twins, UOKHUN? (Graphic: Business Wire)

Attendees will be able to redeem a free collectible piece of art designed exclusively for the event by Bjarne himself through the POAP App. The POAP acts as a digital token and memento it can be stored in your digital wallet on the Blockchain.

Follow the link to teleport to the Metaverse and join Bjarne in the future of fine art.

NFTU are a UK based marketing and pr company in the web 3 space. NFTU are NFT maximalists and experts at launching Blockchain/Web 3 projects.

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