BizVibe Adds New Company Insights for 2,600+ Wood Product Manufacturing Companies | Risk Evaluation | Regional Analysis | Similar Companies | Financials and Management Team

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NEW YORK, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- BizVibe, a business intelligence platform providing detailed company data for both buyers and suppliers, has recently added new insights for the wood product manufacturing industry. This platform contains 30M public and private company profiles spanning across 300+ industries and 200+ countries, and features more than 2,600 wood product companies. These company profiles range from global market leaders to specialized wood product manufacturers, with each profile containing 50+ unique insights.

Snapshot of company insights for BizVibe's wood product manufacturing industry group. (PRNewsfoto/BizVibe)
Snapshot of company insights for BizVibe's wood product manufacturing industry group. (PRNewsfoto/BizVibe)

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Company profiles provide the following insights:

  • Company summary

  • Product and service offerings

  • Risk level report

  • Financial reports and management team contacts

  • Similar companies and competitors (by region)

  • Industry trends and challenges

  • Real-time news updates

Wood Product Manufacturing Industry Insights: Trends and Challenges

Sustainability is an important factor for many industries, including wood product manufacturing. Increasing environmental awareness and regulatory actions are shifting the market towards sustainable practices to ensure the best future for the environment and the wood industry. Sustainable wood production involves protecting clean water and wildlife habitats as well as replanting after harvesting.

Due to the pandemic and the effects of deforestation and wildfires, there is currently a shortage of lumber in the supply chain. Due to a surge in homebuying during the pandemic, the price of lumber has skyrocketed. Despite this, prices are expected to normalize soon from their peak.

Wood Product Company Insights on BizVibe: Top Players and Specialized Manufacturers

Some of the public and private wood product manufacturing companies on BizVibe include:

Market Leaders:

  • Interfor

  • West Fraser Timber Co Ltd

  • Canfor

  • Weyerhaeuser

  • Stora Enso

Specialized Manufacturers:

  • CenturyPly

  • Western Truss & Components Inc.

  • Prairie Truss

  • Weyerhaeuser Company

  • Norbord Inc.

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Key Segments Covered

BizVibe's wood product manufacturing industry insights cover the following segments.

Top Wood Product Categories:

  • Veneer Manufacturers

  • Plywood Manufacturers

  • Engineered Wood Manufacturers

Specialized Wood Product Categories:

  • Truss Manufacturers

  • Reconstituted Wood Product Manufacturers

  • Other Wood Product Manufacturers

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BizVibe (PRNewsfoto/BizVibe)
BizVibe (PRNewsfoto/BizVibe)

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