Bitwarden Expands Enterprise Offering With SCIM Support for Directory Integration

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SCIM support allows for easy automatic provisioning of enterprise users, expanding directory and Identity Provider integration options

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., August 17, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bitwarden, the open source password manager trusted by millions, today announced support for the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard. This new capability allows for seamless, automated provisioning of users from a centralized directory or identity management service.

SCIM Support for Enterprise Scalability

The SCIM standard makes it easy for IT admins to provision users for their IT systems, including any SaaS products and internal tools. Adding a new employee to their directory or identity management service automatically creates accounts for all the services their company uses, and closes those accounts when a user leaves. It provides a streamlined experience for both onboarding new hires to provide access to the tools they need and for employee succession by revoking access to those tools.

Now, administrators of Bitwarden Enterprise plans can activate SCIM support and integrate their Bitwarden installation with Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, or JumpCloud services. SCIM can be used with Bitwarden for:

  • Provisioning users and groups into Bitwarden

  • Automatically updating Bitwarden users to reflect changes in the source directory

  • Deprovisioning accounts from Bitwarden when users leave an organization

Bitwarden has broad identity management integrations, with SCIM joining the standalone Bitwarden Directory Connector application. These options allow for the use of existing systems, in-line with other Bitwarden solutions including Login with SSO and the option to choose between cloud or self-hosted deployments. With open source transparency and ability to leverage existing identity solutions, Bitwarden remains the most flexible password management solution for enterprises and businesses.


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