Bitramo 3nm ASIC Miners new Crypto trend

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New York, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bitramo, a crypto-startup, is now pioneering a new trend in the global crypto market with the recent launch of its range of 3nm ASIC chip miners. Equipped with the latest generation of silicon semiconductor chips, Bitramo miners are capable of delivering increased mining speed, higher transistor density, and reduced power consumption. The company currently offers three ultra powerful ASIC miners Ramo 1, Ramo 2, and Ramo X for mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero.

The most popular feature of Bitramo miners is their high hash rates. The hash rates of these mining rigs are significantly higher compared to any other product available right now in the market.

Hash Rates at a Glance

                            Bitcoin       Litecoin     Ethereum     Monero     
Ramo 1:             360 TH/s      30 GH/s      2 GH/s         2MH/s        
Ramo 2:             750 TH/s      70 GH/s      5 GH/s         5 MH/s       
Ramo X:            2250 TH/s    210 GH/s   15 GH/s       15 MH/s   

As a result of their high hash rates and nominal energy consumptions, Bitramo miners present a lucrative investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. Many users of these miners claim that Bitramo miners are the most profitable mining hardware right now.  It is important to note here that many of these users have achieved 100% return on their investment within just one month.   

Projected Monthly Profits

Ramo 1

Bitcoin: 1900$
Litecoin: 1400$
Ethereum: 2200$
Monero: 2500$

Ramo 2

Bitcoin: 4000$
Litecoin: 3500$
Ethereum: 5700$
Monero: 6600$

Ramo X

Bitcoin: 12,300$
Litecoin: 10,500$
Ethereum: 17,000$

Monero: 20,000$

Bitramo mining rigs are not only the most profitable ones in the market, but also the easiest to operate. Over the years, many technology companies have created numerous mining rigs for individuals with a high level of knowledge and industry experience. Bitramo has done well to stand out from these companies by taking the common people into consideration while designingtheir mining rigs. Unlike any of its competitors, Bitramo miners are delivered as preconfigured plug-and-play devices. As a result, it is possible to start mining just by plugging them into a power point. 
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About Bitramo

A crypto mining startup backed by multiple corporations, Bitramo is on a mission to improve the crypto mining landscape by developing and delivering the latest technological innovations. The company offers an exquisite range of ASIC mining hardware designed to make crypto mining efficient and easy like never before. The company’s ultimate goal is to democratize crypto mining by allowing common people to benefit from it.

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