Bitcoin Goes Back to the Future for Mainstream Adoption

Signs of bitcoin adoption are everywhere. Whether it is Morgan Stanley scooping up more shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Amazon hiring a blockchain and digital currency expert or PayPal expanding its crypto footprint to the U.K., it is clear that bitcoin is closer to becoming a household name.

Nonetheless, if you ask one market analyst, it is still the very early innings for the asset class. Willy Woo, an on-chain analyst, in a tweet, illustrated the “projected worldwide bitcoin users expressed in internet years.”

Bitcoin and the Internet

According to Woo’s analysis, bitcoin is currently in the stage where the internet was in 1997 when the World Wide Web was more readily available and used by businesses and households alike.

It will be close to four years before bitcoin is at the post-dot-com bubble stage of circa 2005. For context, that was the year that Pandora Internet Radio was launched and Google introduced a short-lived personalized homepage, iGoogle.

Bitcoin will not reach internet 2010 status until the year 2028, according to Woo, which is akin to when the Kindle was selling like hotcakes on In terms of devices, 2010 was also the year that the Apple iPad was introduced.

Woo also pointed out back in February that bitcoin’s adoption rate at the time rivaled that of the internet in 1997. He added, however, that bitcoin adoption was moving at a quicker pace, forecasting that there would be 1 billion bitcoin users by 2025, which again he likened to 2005 for the web.

Bitcoin Supercycle

As the bitcoin market matures, the stars are beginning to align for what Kraken’s Dan Held describes as a “Bitcoin Supercycle.” According to LocalBitcoins, a bitcoin supercycle is one in which the leading cryptocurrency “creates a virtual marketing loop” in which several themes are apparent.

Held explains which pieces are in place. For example, consumers are losing trust in “existing institutions.” Bitcoin is increasingly being looked to as a store-of-value asset around the world in the face of rising inflation. And the industry infrastructure is getting better, making it easier for people to buy bitcoin, which, in turn, could hasten wide-scale adoption.

The bitcoin price is not too far from the USD 50K level. Market leaders are optimistic about where the price will go by the end of the year.

This article was originally posted on FX Empire