BioLogiQ® Announces the Availability of an ABS-Based BioBlend® to Provide Manufacturers of Injection Molded Products with a Plant-Based Cost-Effective Resin That Meets Bio-Content Requirements

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho., Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BioLogiQ, Inc., a global innovator and manufacturer of plant-based biopolymers for use in the production of plastic products, announced today the availability of a line of ABS-based XD BioBlends specifically for use in the production of low-impact durable plastic products such as toys and electronics. This new BioBlend line is the first of its kind resin blend that enables manufacturers to meet Bio-content requirements and do so without the cost premiums seen in many other biopolymer solutions.


Steven Sherman, BioLogiQ's CEO, said "our customers have been asking us for a more planet-friendly ABS solution for a long time to enable them to meet bio-content requirements. We are very excited to offer these new products to our customers who manufacture everything from toys to healthcare products. This BioBlend line is another validation of BioLogiQ's commitment to reinventing plastics that are more sustainable and reduce plastic pollution if leaked into the environment."

NuPlastiQ is an innovative biopolymer made from plants that can be combined with many resins to create application specific high performing BioBlends. The use of BioBlends produces more environmentally enhanced plastic products providing a powerful value proposition for companies including decreasing the use of fossil-based and other non-renewable materials and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

NuPlastiQ BioBlend XD 26250 and XD 25240 are specifically engineered to combine with ABS to provide manufacturers of low-impact durable plastics with a bio-content based plastic enabling them to provide a stronger sustainability profile to consumers.

About BioLogiQ

BioLogiQ, Inc. brings new options for more sustainable plastic products, and enables significant reductions in the use of fossil-fuel and other non-renewable materials, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Innovations like these new ABS-based BioBlends are yet more evidence of BioLogiQ's vision of a world free of pollution caused by plastic on our lands and in our oceans.

Using NuPlastiQ in the production of plastic products is the best sustainability upgrade available today. For more information on BioLogiQ's efforts to make plastics more planet-friendly, click here.

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