Binemon Introduces Enormous P2E ROI with Their Unique Economic Model: Meme Token and GameFi

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New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 30, 2021) - Binemon introduces Meme Token and GameFi, their unique economic model. The GameFi market has witnessed several emergences of GameFi projects with P2E ROI but merely existed for a glimpse as they generally aimed towards inflating reward distribution. We have heard of billion-dollar titles that excelled at this by creating balanced momentum in spending and earning. Binemon, a GameFi start-up with a modest market cap, proved that their economic model had been refined. Their community has been pleased with their expectation of the returns and continues to grow with future plans from the game developer. This news release will dive deeper into the income of the Binemon community, who is currently benefiting from and pioneering the fresh wave of Meme token - GameFi.

Binemon Introduces Enormous P2E ROI with Their Unique Economic Model: Meme Token and GameFi

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New reward system and huge ROI for all players

Binemon PVP Season 3, lasting for 7 days, ended with a total of 12M $BIN ($300,000) reward distributed. Significant changes in the reward system introduced by the game publisher have received numerous positive responses from the community.

Based on the "Finalizing PVP Season 3" from 8/11/2021 - 15/11/2021, 75% of the total reward will center around low-mid tier rank titles. This can be considered one of Binemon's responses to give thanks to the entire Binemon community, especially to #BinArmy - the ones who have always supported and accompanied Binemon since their introduction.

This is an exemplary line-up to fight in PVP Season 3, valued at $3300. At the end of the season, the player "OP_Soleil" reached Gold rank and earned $230 in only a week, which made up a 27% monthly ROI.

OP_AkosiDogie is another example to demonstrate an investment of approximately $35,000. He gained $5300 in rewards, equal to a monthly ROI of 60%.

With Binemon's impressive ROIs, besides entertainment, players can leverage the high rewards to earn from the game. With all Mons (NFTs) being able to generate income, their value on Marketplace will be sustained and eventually grow with the development of Binemon.

How Binemon deals with the huge ROI pressure

The dilemma in reward distribution has always been the common interest among all Gamefi projects in the market, as it will place heavy pressure at the time of distribution on the financial equilibrium of the project. However, Binemon seems to be fully prepared with solutions and plans for long-term prosperity.

For players, Binemon has adjusted trading taxes to 5% for buy/sell activities of $BIN token. 100% of trading taxes will be reserved for P2E rewards.

For $BIN holders, the marketplace fees from Binemon and the next game in their ecosystem - ShibaMons - will be utilized to reward players through the auto-staking function.

It can be stated that Binemon is offering a dynamic money-making environment, where both players and holders simultaneously benefit from the system without excessively affecting the sustainable growth of $BIN.

Statistics from Dextool also showed that although being a newborn in the market, Binemon has gained impressive achievements with nearly $6M in liquidity pool, more than enough to meet the liquidating demand for hundreds of thousand players.


With their economic model of fairness, Binemon simultaneously creates entertainment value and provides players with the ability to earn money. Having a solid and active supporting community, refined product, and constantly changing to meet the demand from players, Binemon has been affirming its status of being an honorable mention in the field of GameFi.






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