Billie Eilish Made Her Red Carpet Debut As A Brunette, And It's A Look

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If you're part of the "Maybe a bit obsessed with Billie Eilish's hair" club, then you're likely aware that she debuted a new brunette look earlier this week.

Given that it took Billie six weeks to get her hair to blonde at the beginning of the year, the look was a bit of a surprise — but a welcome one at that!

Well, yesterday Billie attended Variety's Hitmakers Brunch — meaning that we got the red carpet debut of the do.

A brunette Billie on the red carpet

I think it really brings out her eyes.

Rodin Eckenroth / FilmMagic / Getty Images

IMHO, it's a look! It's a vibe!

A brunette Billie wearing sunglasses on the red carpet
Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Variety

And maybe I'm just very sleepy and a little bit cold, but I would murder to be in that outfit right now.

A brunette Billie on the red carpet in a long quilted burgundy coat

If my 80-year-old landlord is reading this for some reason, feel free to turn up the heating.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Variety

The darker look has me wondering — is this another sign that blonde hair is on the way out? That the brunette hair trend is finally taking hold???

Another shot of brunette Billie on the red carpet

No offense if you're naturally blonde, but my wallet (and scalp) will embrace not having to bleach my hair anymore.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Variety

Anyways, off I go to try to resist texting my hairdresser again.

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