Biden’s $37 Billion Plan to Fight Crime

Tim Boyles/Getty Images

In his 2023 budget request, President Joe Biden proposes to spend $37 billion on a number of crime-fighting efforts, and on Thursday the White House released new details on what exactly the president wants to do.

According to an outline released by the administration, Biden’s “Safer America Plan” would boost police forces, provide new resources for court systems and community services, and fund anti-violence programs around the country.

Specifically, the plan calls for spending nearly $13 billion over five years to hire and train an additional 100,000 police officers. The funding would also provide about $3 billion to help communities clear case backlogs in their justice systems, with a special emphasis on solving murders and cracking down on gun violence.

Biden also proposes to fund an array of community services through a new 10-year, $15 billion grant program called Accelerating Justice System Reform. The White House says spending more on “mental health and substance use disorder services; crisis responders, violence interrupters, and social workers” will help ease the burden on police and allow them to focus on violent crime. The grants will allow cities and states to develop strategies to reduce violence at the community level, and provides an additional $5 billion to evaluate the effectiveness of different violence-reduction programs.

Yes, but: It’s not clear that any of these proposals will actually happen. “Biden's request is aspirational -- it's for fiscal year 2023, which for the U.S. government begins this October, and it needs to be approved by Congress,” say Ben Gittleson, Mason Leib and Morgan Winsor of ABC News. “Presidential administrations past and present often make large, ambitious budget requests as a messaging tool, only to see them not come to fruition or to be whittled down.”

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