These are the best ways to game on the go

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Video Transcript

DJ STEPH: Hey, everyone. My name is Steph. And welcome to "In the Know, Game On," where we'll delve into the hottest trends in gaming across multiple platforms and products. There are so many options for portable gaming. Today, we'll be talking about some of our favorites when it comes to gaming on the go.

Joining me today is Red Infamy, gaming journalist and co-host of Afropunk's Culture Code. Welcome, Red.

RED INFAMY: What's up? How are you doing?

DJ STEPH: I'm good. So happy to have you here today.

RED INFAMY: I'm excited.

DJ STEPH: You've been involved in the pop culture in the e-sports world. How did you get started? Tell us about it.

RED INFAMY: I've been gaming since I was three, all due to my parents. But professionally, how I got involved was really through social media, on Twitter, just expressing my love for gaming, sports. And then, one day, an editor, like, slid into DMs. And he was like, how would you love to actually write for a huge outlet? So that's how I got started professionally.

DJ STEPH: I know you stream a bunch of games of different genres. And this might be a hard question. But what is your favorite game right now, at this very moment?

RED INFAMY: One of my favorites has been a playthrough of "Ghost of Tsushima." The story is on point. You're able to do side missions that tie into the story. The characters, there's really great development with that. And the voice acting is superb. So that was my favorite one.


DJ STEPH: We're talking about portable gaming today. What are your experiences with some portable devices?

RED INFAMY: The Switch is the best right now.

DJ STEPH: It is.

RED INFAMY: It is the best of both worlds. You're able to dock it, if you want it on a TV and play with friends and family-- if you want to go. But the Switch, like, no matter what, it's always there.

DJ STEPH: What are some of your must-haves when it comes to gaming on the go?

RED INFAMY: Oh, like, I see you have a portable charger right here? That's a must have. I also have the Kishi-- if I'm pronouncing that right-- from Razer.

DJ STEPH: All right. So we have here the Razer controller which is designed to bring console-level control to your phone for gaming anywhere.

RED INFAMY: So the Razer controller you was just talking about, like I mentioned, I have it. It's just easy to go with any Android controller. They even have it for iOS devices, too. A lot of times, you have to play mobile games with the touch screen. Now, I have a physical controller, when it's just, like, at home. So I have to worry about missing a shot, or missing to reload, or anything like that.

DJ STEPH: So we have the Gamesir controller, a universal controller compatible with both mainstream mobile OS. It is small and portable. So we have the OnePlus wireless earbuds here, which automatically adapts to your ambient sound environment, so you can immerse yourself in the deepest sounds. We also have a portable charger here, which is amazing for a backup power bank for USB-C devices.

RED INFAMY: Portable Chargers are a lifesaver, not only for your phone, but like I mentioned, on the go with your games.

DJ STEPH: What are you most excited about the future of gaming?

RED INFAMY: Virtual reality. I see my nephews and nieces love playing VR with "Roblox" and so forth. So I think that's the future. And they're improving. Like, I have the Oculus Quest. And I love there's no wires attached. And even with the PS5, they're coming out with the PS VR, too. It's going to be in a cyberish, punkish type of environment--

DJ STEPH: We're ready.

RED INFAMY: --sort of online-ish environment. So I look forward to that.

DJ STEPH: Red, talk to me. Do you have anything else you want to share with us?

RED INFAMY: Everything is Red Infamy across the board-- so on YouTube, on Twitch. And also, just to give a huge shout out to Twitch, because I will be represented for Hispanic Heritage Month.

DJ STEPH: Red, thank you so much for joining us today. It was really a pleasure.

RED INFAMY: Thank you. I really appreciate it. This is awesome. You're awesome.

DJ STEPH: Thank you. You're awesome.

RED INFAMY: Thank you.

DJ STEPH: Make sure to check out some of the products mentioned today to elevate your gaming experience even further. I'm Steph, and this has been "In The Know, Game On." Make sure to check out for more episodes like these. Peace.