Bergeson LLP’s Latest Court Win Shows Value Of Legal Representation For Businesses

San Jose, CA, Feb. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading Silicon Valley business litigation firm Bergeson LLP recently scored a major victory in court, fending off a nonprofit’s challenge to a California family-owned timber ranch’s timber harvesting plan – the latest example of how the small but proven team of legal experts provides comprehensive and successful legal support for companies at all stages.

John Pernick, a partner with Bergeson LLP, says the timber case demonstrates the skills the firm can bring to businesses of all sizes. While the firm won the timber ranch’s case in court, it also works with its clients outside of the litigation context, always focused on putting its clients in the strongest position to obtain the results they seek.

“We’re not afraid to have final battles in court, and we advise and represent clients in their disputes as strong advocates working to obtain the best possible outcomes,” says Pernick. “But we also use our extensive litigation experience in advising clients in an earlier stage to show them how to best structure entities and business agreements so their interests are protected and the ambiguities that often lead to litigation are avoided at the outset.”

Another situation where this dedicated work produces positive results for clients is the firm’s representation of investors in companies that are acquired by larger companies. Often, the terms of those acquisitions give the investors a right to an additional payment based on the achievement of certain financial results. The firm works to make sure that the investors receive all due payments, including enforcing the investors’ rights through litigation when necessary.

The firm’s attorneys all have extensive experience. For example, Pernick has more than thirty years of expertise representing a range of clients, from Silicon Valley and Bay Area startups to Fortune 50 corporations. He has worked in complex business litigation in state and federal courts, covering a variety of disputes.

Bergeson LLP, founded in 1990, regularly litigates significant cases in courts in California, Delaware, and throughout the US. With a talented group of litigators, with decades of experience including as partners at named national law firms, this litigation boutique provides the significant benefit of experience, combined with the personal attention that large firms do not give their clients.

It’s the kind of much-needed support that typically is cost-prohibitive for many businesses and can only be afforded by market leaders with the cash resources to spare. Bergeson LLP makes that same top-tier counsel available for clients of all sizes – with flexibility on rates and fee arrangements that larger firms cannot provide.

“We are strong advocates who will work to avoid litigation, but who are very ready to pursue litigation through to trial when necessary to serve our clients' interests,” says Pernick.

Should legal challenges arise, he points to the recent success in the timber company case, proving how the team at Bergeson LLP can make the difference between a win or a loss.

“Putting the hard work in upfront can pay huge dividends for businesses by either preventing litigation before it can start – or by placing the client in the best position to prevail should litigation become necessary,” says Pernick.

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