Benzinga Brings Real Time Data to South America - Partnering with tyba on New Features

DETROIT, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Benzinga, one of the fastest-growing private media companies in the US, is partnering with tyba to share Real Time Stock News, Why is it Moving and  Corporate Logos with retail investors.

tyba is a fintech company developed in Krealo, the Corporate Venture Capital of Credicorp LTD  group, whose purpose is to help people achieve their goals through access to simple, digital and trusted investments. In 2019 it started operations in Colombia, then in Peru and Chile.

In 2019, Benzinga's inhouse newsdesk has banded together to create a feed that cuts through the noise and provides the one sentence reason a stock is trading higher or lower on any given day. Users no longer need to wonder why a stock is tanking/spiking - the only thing that they need to do is open their tyba account!

"Tyba's ability to innovate and grow is great to see" said Andrew Lebbos, Benzinga's Vice President of Licensing. "The addition of real time stock information will help their users make actionable, profitable decisions. We are excited to partner with such an exciting latin american company!"

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