It's Who You Become

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Book on the power of saying 'I will' Instead of 'I want: a small mindset shift can help you pursue success in the right way

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Whenever we begin an important transition in life, we are constantly pressured by the same common desired outcomes that everyone aspires to achieve. When we start our careers, we all think we want to become a millionaire, work our dream job and buy a fancy house and car.

It’s Who You Become
It’s Who You Become

But what if success isn't the same for everybody? What if all it took to find your true version of success is a small shift in your way of thinking? The problem with saying 'I want to be X, Y, and Z' is that it can be damaging to your mental health when it's too hard to achieve those goals.

Because of this, we automatically think we have to aim for the top of the ladder and this makes us dissatisfied with our lives. We start to think like this: I can never be a millionaire, I can never leave this crappy job and I don't think I will be able to pay off my mortgage.

This is where life crushes us. In his new book, "It's Who You Become", Jo-Rémi Saada aims to show us that our true version of success requires one small change in thinking and that this change is accessible by everybody. He shows that protecting our mental health and loving ourselves is a vital step to take; he also insists that success doesn't always mean reaching the 'top'.

So, then I thought of the word 'success'. In seeking to understand what that word meant, I realized success must be defined by each of us, and only in that way will we know when we're on the right path to attaining it" – Jo-Rémi Saada

Author Bio

Jo-Rémi Saada is a recent graduate with a degree in Sport and Recreation and is someone who just went through the transitional maze of trying to figure out his place in the world. Like most people, he was enamored by the idea of 'becoming a millionaire' when he was 19, and as he dealt with that huge weight, a small change in his way of thinking completely freed him: He switched from thinking "I want to be a millionaire" to thinking "I WILL be a millionaire".

This small shift allowed him to interrogate what he really wanted, and he figured out that money is not tied to happiness. As a broke college student facing the transformative years of his 20's, this small change in thinking allowed him to take charge of his upcoming future.

With his newfound clarity, all he wants to do is help the people who feel lost, and that inspired him to start making a mark in the self-help genre.

"It's Who You Become" strives to stand out to its readers by organizing its message in three distinct sections:

The introduction of the book tells an intriguing story of a wise old tree teaching three plants how to properly think of their own unique goals after surviving a tough storm. The role of fiction here does a great job in communicating how important it is to get clear on your true version of success in order to properly take care of your mental health. Engaging dialogue is written and accompanied by pleasing black & white illustrations.

"You want to be a millionaire?!" The Wise Tree asks. "Let me tell you what's wrong with that idea," the Wise One says.

The second part of the book aims to improve on what self-help truly is about. Saada opens up about his own experiences and conveys this message to his readers:

"Stop saying, 'I want', start saying, 'I will'. Don't underestimate the power of your mind".

The emphasis of this section is not to find the quick-fix to your problems, but to understand that true self-development takes time, being mindful, and reflecting on your past. It gives readers the practical steps needed to take in order to follow the lessons of this book.

The conclusion of this book leaves readers with an invitation to act on everything they've learned throughout the book. Saada shows his compassion for his readers by providing a hashtag and a QR code that will allow people to join a community.

The book is available is all major online book stores.

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