Bay Area Mental Health adds Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to its Services as the Psychedelic Renaissance Booms

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Campbell, CA --News Direct-- Bay Area Mental Health

California based mental health clinic, Bay Area Mental Health (BAMH) is officially announcing that they have added Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) to their offerings in order to better serve the needs of Silicon Valley and surrounding areas.

Bay Area Mental Health is the first mental health clinic in Silicon Valley’s South Bay to offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, and is laying the foundation to provide additional psychedelic therapies as soon as they become available.

For now, the only legal form of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy uses ketamine, which is not a traditional psychedelic, but has mind-altering properties that have been found to relieve depression, anxiety and PTSD when used appropriately and under supervision of licensed professionals.

The rates of depression, anxiety, PTSD and suicidality is continuing to climb. BAMH founder Linnea Butler states, “we have a mental health epidemic in the United States. More urgently than ever, we need new approaches to complex mental health problems that are not treated by talk therapy alone. Ketamine is safe, legal, and accessible and shows many of the same benefits as the more traditional, but largely inaccessible, psychedelic medicines. We have seen as much as a 70% reduction in symptoms over a 6 week course of ketamine assisted psychotherapy treatment and in one case we witnessed a near complete remission of trauma, depression and anxiety.”

Butler specializes in treating complex trauma and mood disorders, and currently oversees Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy at the clinic. Butler has been accepted into the MAPS MDMA Assisted Therapy training program and is on track to complete her certificate by the end of 2021. The results of a successful phase-three drug trial of MDMA Assisted Therapy were reported in May that showed that 67% of patients with PTSD were cured. MDMA will likely be available to clinics in the next 2 years, pending FDA approval.

Butler stated, “it is critical that we work within the legally allowed and approved medicines and procedures, otherwise it becomes the wild west; emotional and physical safety is paramount”.

Clients are evaluated psychologically and medically to ensure that they are appropriate for this treatment. This work is overseen by founder and licensed therapist, Linnea Butler, and integrative psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Edsall.

A ketamine assisted psychotherapy session is typically 3 hours long and clients are attended to throughout the session. Sessions begin with preparation and setting the intention for the psychedelic experience, followed by self-administration of doctor-prescribed medicine, and finally processing and integration of the experience. The patient wears an eye mask and listens to specifically curated music to help guide the experience.

Butler’s scientific background as a molecular biologist and geneticist has driven her to look deeply at the intersection between science and psychology.

Butler explains, “we are on the cutting edge of mental health care, where neuroscience meets experiential treatment, spirituality and depth psychology. Talk therapy is no longer adequate to address the increasingly complex nature of mental health problems, where people often are struggling with more than one diagnosis. The need for a new paradigm is urgent.”

Butler will be speaking about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy at an online event next month: “Ketamine: The Science and Spirit of Psychedelic Healing

About Bay Area Mental Health

BAMH was founded in 2014 to treat people with complex mental health issues, including Trauma and complex PTSD, that often necessitate multiple different approaches and healing modalities. BAMH is dedicated to helping people with difficult problems using cutting edge approaches and collaborative care.

Linnea Butler is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the founder of Bay Area Mental Health, Linnea specializes in treating complex trauma, has been featured on the Trauma Therapist Podcast, and was an Adjunct Professor at Sofia University and guest lecturer at Santa Clara University. Linnea received her M.S. degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology under the direction of Nobel Laureate Dr. Mario Cappechi, and her M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology from Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Dr. Sidney Edsall is a board-certified psychiatrist and completed her residency at Stanford in integrative medicine. She integrates Western medical practices with Traditional Chinese Medicine by cultivating treatment plans using Western medicine terminology infused with Buddhist and Daoist philosophy. She also spent 4 years living and working abroad in Germany and Italy caring for active duty U.S. Army soldiers on U.S. military bases.

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