The Battery Report 2021

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<span class="legendSpanClass">The Battery Report 2021 is the second annual report covering the global battery value chain as well as current trends in industry, markets, research, talent, and policy.</span>

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Batteries are a ubiquitous part of modern life powering our phones and laptops and increasingly our vehicles, homes, and businesses. The battery industry will progressively impact our everyday lives yet few comprehensive reports for it are available and free to the public. To address this The Volta Foundation, its members, and partner organizations, including Ratel Consulting, have produced its second annual Battery Report. It contains contributions from energy storage leaders and insiders on industry, markets, research, talent, policy, and other relevant topics.

130+ page report on the global battery value chain featuring trends in industry, markets, research, talent, and policy.

"This report is the culmination of tremendous efforts from The Volta Foundation and the community of battery professionals that support it." said Yen T. Yeh, Executive Director of The Volta Foundation.

"This report includes both research and industry to show which R&D efforts may produce the next big commercial breakthrough." said Nicholas Yiu, Founder of Intercalation Ltd.

"The past year has pushed batteries even further into the public consciousness. We want to do our part by providing industry insights and battery market intelligence to everyone at no cost." said report co-author Charlie Parker, Founder and Principal Consultant of Ratel Consulting.

The full report is available now and free at

Volta Foundation
The Volta Foundation harnesses the power of community to advance the battery industry. A collective of 10,000 battery professionals representing 2,000 organizations, the Foundation produces monthly events (Battery Brunch), publications (Battery Bits), industry reports (Battery Report), and open communication channels (Battery Street) to foster a healthy ecosystem for the battery industry.

Intercalation Ltd
Intercalation was founded in 2020 as an independent research organization dedicated to the battery industry and is based in London, UK. Intercalation works with technology companies and investors in the US, UK, and EU to evaluate technical feasibility and investment opportunities in the battery industry.

Ratel Consulting LLC
Ratel Consulting is a market intelligence and strategy consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ratel provides commercialization and advisory services to founders, boards, CXOs, and senior management in energy transition sectors and other industries that are being transformed by emerging and disruptive technologies.

Charlie Parker
Ratel Consulting LLC


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