How bald eagles really sound (it’s not like in the movies)

The Alaska Raptor Center on Saturday shared footage showing bald eagles vocalizing loudly while perched on a branch.

These are typical bald eagle sounds, almost chirpy, like laughter – not anything like the iconic screeches you hear from eagles portrayed in Hollywood.

The Alaska Raptor Center, a nonprofit hospital/rehabilitation facility for raptors, explained as much in the following video Tweet.

“Did you know, Hollywood sound editors often dub over a Bald Eagle’s call with another bird’s vocalization?” the Alaska Raptor Center informs. “The piercing, earthy screams of a Red-tailed Hawk.”

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To hear more bald eagle vocalizations, open this link and click on the “listen” tab.

To hear red-tailed hawk vocalizations, click here and listen to their various calls.

The eagles in the video are named Sunset and Thor.


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Story originally appeared on For The Win