Baby's emotional reaction to her 1st birthday party is melting TikTok's heart

TikTok parent Jade Harmon (@jadeharmon) posted this video of her 1-year-old daughter and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today. The video starts with the baby girl walking into a room, where a giant balloon setup was waiting for her. Featuring silver “Happy Birthday balloons,” some lovely pink balloons, and even a Minnie Mouse balloon, this birthday bash was a 1-year-old’s dream come true. All it takes is one look at the child’s facial expression, and it’s easy to see that this celebration is going to be nothing short of epic. With a look of pure disbelief on her face, the birthday girl can only muster up a single word: “Wow”. “Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow,” continued the bewildered 1-year-old, before walking excitedly towards the balloons. The Internet immediately became enamored with the pure, unfiltered joy of the child’s reaction. “The cutest reaction. Hope she has a lovely birthday,” wrote one well-wishing TikToker. “This is the cutest reaction ever, you are so lucky,” wrote an admiring commenter

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