Baby Moose Checks Out Swing Set While Mama Keeps Close Eye

A curious baby moose inspected a swing set in the backyard of an Alaska home while its mother watched on, footage posted June 29 shows.

The video, filmed by Samantha Whipple in Palmer, shows the calf nudging one of the swings and watching it move back and forth, while the older moose keeps a close eye.

Whipple told Storyful that moose are common where she lives, and said that they often have moose around the house.

“They were nearby for most of the morning. We haven’t seen them at our house again since, but they have been stopping by our neighbors’ houses,” she said. Credit: Samantha Whipple via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Say cheese, moose. Cheese. [INAUDIBLE] see different animals? Bug. Bug. Bug.

- Yeah, bug. Bug. [LAUGHS] Little bug. Look at him play. Cute.

- He's so cute. He's such a cute little baby.

- The mama's shedding.

- Uh-huh. Oh, and there is Just flies all around here.

- Yeah.

- A baby is--