Baby Goat's Reaction to Seeing a Cat Just Won the Internet

We can't stop watching this!

Watching a baby's reaction to pretty much everything is the cutest thing. We love how they absorb everything within view or when their eyes light up seeing their favorite person. And it's not just human babies that do this. Animals do it too! 

Take for example this adorable 3-day-old baby goat. At just 3 days old, this goat is already making connections and getting excited to seeing something. Except instead of the goat's eyes getting huge with amazement, it's the ears. Watch this clip from TikTok user @bighorsefarmcompany

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Oh my adorable!! This video, hands-down, wins the internet. Sorry, we don't make the rules. LOL! We really couldn't love this video any more than we already do. The fact that the baby goat was already making friends with the cat is the sweetest. This is just a glimpse into the friendship they'll build together. And we can't wait to see more!  

"Omg how absolute adorable. Everyone was very well behaved," said @timcanproductions. Right?! We're amazed that the cat knew to be kind and gentle with such a young goat. You don't see that often with cats. Normally they want nothing to do with us or any other living creature in the house. So this is a whole new side!  

Another TikTok user, @acmracing, pointed out, "Little ears just a going." YES! That's why the song fits so perfectly to this video. The ears are totally like a helicopter! We'll argue it's cuter than watching a happy tail wag. LOL! 

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