Bòunyadej Q. Sànanikone of The Sananikone Group NYC Carrying on the Family Legacy with Real Estate

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2020 / Real estate is one of the busiest scenes in the world. Experts and professionals in the industry have to keep up with trends to have the upper hand. Bòunyadej Q. Sànanikone is one of the most well-versed real estate sales professionals and has taken his skills from his native country of Laos to New York City in the United States to improve the real estate market in his way.

Bòunyadej Sànanikone comes from an influential political and real estate family. Like many others in his family, he chose to pursue a different path by following a real estate career and set himself apart while at it. His great-grandfather, Phoui Sànanikone, is the first Laotian Politician to have held multiple positions from Prime Ministership to Foreign Affairs Minister. The legendary Sànanikone family is often referred to as the Rockefellers and the Kennedys of Laos. They are having to own various businesses stemming from pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and real estate.

The name Sànanikone is a well-respected name in Asia. While Mr. Sànanikone may not be pursuing a political career, he is carrying on the family name by excelling in a field that everyone in the world is connected to.

(1959 Press Photo UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold (right) with His Excellency Prime Minister Phoui Sananikone (left).

Mr. Sànanikone has a strong background in risk-adjustment investments as a licensed, accredited investment professional from Adagio Group. He is also an expert luxury real estate marketer with modern marketing skills and access to analytical data. The blandness and boringness informed his move to New York real estate. In his words, "There isn't a broker in this city that can harness the power of basic analytics coupled with alternative marketing toward buyers and viewers. I want to make real estate buying decisions fun and exciting. I compose real estate analytics into a fun and modern understanding of marketing."

He started his career at The Norasing Group, a firm owned by his maternal grandfather. At the firm, Sànanikone completed more than ten OHDACA government-projects, and now all that expertise is being pumped into his real estate team in New York, The Sananikone Group NYC.

Sànanikone's goal is to make real estate buying decisions a lot easier and more fun for the players. His ability to blend traditional finance and complex risk-adjusted returns to make purchases happen and go smoothly is one of the rarest skills in the industry. With his team, he translates raw data and risk-adjusted return metrics to amaze buyers, strike a connection, and get them to buy.

He has more than 30,000 followers on social media through which he targets and markets to real estate developers, sales teams, and brokerages. Making sales happen is his specialty, and he plans to grow his team to the point where he handles the highest volume of real estate transactions in New York. "I will become the #1 Real Estate Broker and have the #1 real estate sales team in New York City. I am an expert at marketing new development residential properties and private clients who want to sell their properties."

Through his team, the Sananikone Group NYC, Bòunyadej Q. Sànanikone aims to change the way real estate marketing is done while also giving buyers a new approach to making decisions.

Learn more about Bòunyadej Q. Sànanikone on his Instagram page.

Company: The Sananikone Group NYC
Office Number: (212)-220-6030
Email: q@sananikonegroup.com

SOURCE: The Sananikone Group NYC

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