AXS Investments Launches the AXS Green Alpha ETF (NXTE) as Industry's First ETF Capturing Next Economy Leaders

NXTE is the latest in the AXS & Green Alpha partnership to provide investors unique exposure to companies leading the Next Economy

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- AXS Investments, a leading asset manager providing access to alternative investments for growth, income and diversification, today announced the launch of the AXS Green Alpha ETF (NXTE).

The AXS fund is portfolio managed by Green Alpha Investments, a global investment manager and thought leader widely known for its trademarked Next Economy™ philosophy and investment strategies, identifying companies poised to be leaders in the rapidly unfolding and expanding sustainable global economy, while possessing growth potential at attractive valuations. The firm also sub-advises the AXS Sustainable Income Fund (AXSKX), underscoring the strong partnership between AXS and Green Alpha.

"We are excited to partner with Green Alpha to launch the industry's first-ever Next Economy ETF," said Greg Bassuk, CEO of AXS Investments. "Given the important diversifying benefits this strategy can add to investment portfolios, combined with Green Alpha's decades-long expertise in this area, we are thrilled to bring this Next Economy ETF to the broader investing public."

"We're thrilled to expand our partnership with AXS Investments, a firm whose longtime success with ETFs has brought exciting innovation to the space," said Garvin Jabusch, portfolio manager of NXTE and Chief Investment Officer of Green Alpha. "Our Next Economy™ approach has been proven to uncover successful companies that are advancing economic productivity gains, renewable energies, waste-to-value supply chains and equitable distribution of wealth. Collaborating with AXS gives investors ETF access to these distinct exposures."

The launch of NXTE is the latest in a series of ETF launches and acquisitions by AXS, which have resulted in the firm's status as the fastest-growing new ETF issuer in 2022. Among the recent AXS ETF growth milestones are the following:

About AXS Investments

AXS Investments is a leading alternative investment manager providing a diversified family of alternative and sustainable investments for growth, income and diversification. The firm empowers investors to diversify their portfolios with investments previously available only to the largest institutional and high net worth investors. The investor-friendly AXS funds are time-tested, liquid, transparent and managed by high pedigreed portfolio managers with long and strong track records. For more information, visit

About Green Alpha Investments

Green Alpha Investments has been managing sustainable, fossil fuel free investment strategies since 2008 and developed its investment methodology called Next Economy™ – an indefinitely thriving economy driven by companies developing innovative solutions to major systemic risks, like the climate crisis, resource degradation, widening inequality and human disease burden. The firm believes companies that innovate around efficiency gains and sustainable economic and environmental productivity have competitive advantages and should gain market share, which can fuel sales growth, protect margins and sustain free cash flow. For more information, visit

Green Alpha is a registered trademark of Green Alpha Advisors, LLC. Green Alpha also owns the trademark to Next Economy.

* Carbon Neutral Certification: Ethos performs an independent analysis of a fund's carbon footprint and carbon credits (offsets) to verify whether the fund is carbon neutral during a specified period. The carbon footprint consists of verified Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions of every holding of the fund. Ethos defines the carbon footprint of a fund as the total tons of Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions of its holdings multiplied by the fund's percentage ownership of those holdings. Percentage ownership is based on the market value of the fund's shares divided by the total market value of the holdings. While Ethos researches and models Scope 3 emissions for every fund holding, the company does not consider Scope 3 for fund-level certification. This is due to limitations with Scope 3 data, including: lack of standardized reporting methodology by companies: low coverage of companies reporting Scope 3 emissions; and, likely overlap of Scope 3 emissions across company value chains. As part of the Carbon Neutral Certification, Ethos requires funds to submit proof of purchase of carbon credits from a list of approved providers of carbon credits. When information is not available the following modeling formula used is: Expected emissions = peer-average carbon intensity (CO2 per $M revenue) * $M revenue. EthosESG audits this estimation and will address discrepancies should they arise. Emissions data is limited by the voluntary disclosure by individual companies and is not independently audited. Change Finance and EthosESG make every effort to ensure data is accurate but cannot guarantee absolute carbon neutrality.


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Environmental Investing Risk: The universe of acceptable investments for the Fund may be limited due to the Sub-Advisor's proprietary research process, which may affect the Fund's exposure to certain companies or industries and may adversely impact the Fund's performance. Small-Cap and Mid-Cap Company Risk: The securities of small- and mid-capitalization companies may be subject to more abrupt or erratic market movements and may have lower trading volumes or more erratic trading than securities of larger, more established companies or market averages in general. Foreign Investment Risk: The prices of foreign securities may be more volatile than the prices of securities of U.S. issuers because of economic and social conditions abroad, political developments and changes in the regulatory environments of foreign countries.

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