Avadar Electric Bikes: Sport and City E-bikes Provide Ease in Commuting

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CHINO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2021 / Avadar, an electric bike seller and manufacturing company produces the best, high-performance electric bikes. Perfect for sport and city commuting, Avadar E-bikes provide you with ease while riding.

Do you love to ride bikes for sport and you're seeking the best electric bikes? With Avadar E-bikes, no slope is too steep as it features a mid-drive motor. Avadar E-bikes mid-drive motor allows you to scale slopes that are 2 times steeper.

Likewise, if you require an easy way to beat hectic traffic, then an E-bike is what you need. Breeze through traffic gridlocks and make daily commuting less stressful for you with high-performance E-bikes.

About Avadar

The goal of Avadar is to provide people with high-quality bikes irrespective of their ability or age. Avadar is keen on giving everyone the best lightweight and efficient bikes that can take on any terrain.

Also, Avadar bikes are made with the riders in heart, making the bikes affordable. Avadar bikes are accessible and aren't gender-specific.

Although electric bikes aren't new in the market, they can be quite tiring to use for a long period. Unlike Avadar E-bikes, most electric bikes don't perform well when used for long-distance rides. Avadar bikes bring ease to their riders as feature smoother and ultrafast speed.

Avadar High-performance E-bikes

Avadar electronic bikes feature a high accuracy torque sensor. This allows you to ride so smoothly and scale the steeper slopes. Likewise, the E-bike is capable of saving about 30% of its power with the smart power solution. With this solution, you can expand your riding range to 100km.

Having to ride a long distance is no problem with Avadar E-bikes. Whether it's for everyday commuting to work or as a cycling workout routine, Avadar is what you need.

Furthermore, Avadar bikes feature an IP67 TFT color display. The display provides crisp and clear data information with precision. On the digital display, you can find the distance, power, and speed of your bike. Additionally, the rain has nothing effect on you with this bike. Your Avadar E-bike mid-drive motor and color displays are IP65 and IP67 rated.

The best part of using an Avadar E-bike is that it allows you to pedal with ease. With its 5 Level electric assistance, no terrain is off-bounds. Also, it features a 27.5 rim size and a tire size of 27.5*2.1 inches.

Avadar E-bikes are more than capable of rough terrains so don't let physical limitations stop you. As you ride on Avadar bikes, you get the strong push you need to keep going.

Apart from the excellent features of the Avadar E-bike, here are some more features that you'd love.

●16 Speed SHIMANO front and rear derailleur which gives precise, responsive, and quick shifting of your bike's 2x8 setup.
●High Torque & Intelligent torque sensor that naturally increases the quality of your ride. It allows you to climb effortlessly.
●10 Ah battery and 30% extra efficiency that provides you 100KM/62 miles while in the electric pedal assistance mode.

Avadar Ebike Accessories

Avadar E-bikes offers the best riding experience with amazing features. To top it all, there are different accessories for your bikes that you would love.

You can check out the website to see accessories your ebike would be needing. Here are some Avadar E-bikes accessories:
●Avadar E-bikes C3 rapid charger
●Avadar water bottle
●Rear rack and full fenders for Avadar E-bikes
●Headlight for your Avadar E-bikes
●Multifunction bike repair tool.

Currently, Avadar E-bikes ranges are C3 which is great for city commuting and sport. The amazing news is that you can get $150 off your first Avadar Purchase. All you need to do is use the code AVADAR 2021. All Avadar E-bikes come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Check Avadar's official website for more details on Avadar E-bikes launch.

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