Author Rachel Hollis on facing divorce during the pandemic: ‘This is a lot of people’s story in 2020’

Rachel Hollis, author and motivational speaker, talks facing divorce among the other heartache brought on by the pandemic, and she’s not alone. “I think that this is a lot of people's story and in 2020. The reality is breakups and divorce are on the rise,” Hollis shares, “We slowed down, and you didn't have those distractions, and you didn't have the things that were keeping you from looking at the parts that weren't working…and that certainly was the case for us.” Hollis tells Yahoo Life that when the pandemic hit, like for many, relationships became strained. “When we went into quarantine here in Texas, in March, I was editing a book that I had already written. And while I was in the edit process, my marriage ended.” she explains. “I just started thinking about, if I was going to bring out a book in 2020, I really wanted to make sure that I was talking about what 2020 felt like for us.” In her latest book, Didn’t See That Coming, Hollis shares about her experience going through a break up in the middle of a global pandemic, and offers support for others facing grief and loss. “This is my version of hardship, and I feel like all over the world, people have their version of this. People have lost jobs, they've lost businesses, they've lost people that they love, maybe they're going through a breakup. Either because of COVID we've experienced pain this year, or just because life is sometimes painful,” Hollis says. “So I want to keep showing up even when it's hard and I want to speak truthfully about what it feels like.”