Knicks' Austin Rivers reflects on lack of playing time, trade rumors

Ryan Morik
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Austin Rivers pulls up for a jumper vs Jazz blue uniforms
Austin Rivers pulls up for a jumper vs Jazz blue uniforms

Ever since Derrick Rose became a part of the Knicks, Austin Rivers has taken a back seat.

Rivers has appeared in just two games since Feb. 9, totaling just 4:58 in on-court time.

Rivers said on Wednesday that he had a feeling his playing time would take a hit with the acquisition of Rose.

"I think that was an assumed thing already when Derrick came. So I already understood and I know that’s [Tom Thibodeau's] guy," said Rivers. "He’s been with Derrick and Derrick’s a heck of a player so, again, we had our conversation there and that’s going to stay [in house]."

Rivers said he heard rumors that Rose would eventually return to New York before the season even started, but it hasn't knowingly affected his attitude, and he's staying ready in case his name is called.

"Every day that I’m here I’m always going to be all in," he said. "I actually like all the guys on this team. We have great guys on this team. And because you never know. Maybe they might need me to play or whatever. Crazy things have happened. I’ve seen it all. So that’s kind of my attitude toward this. Just control what I can control, continue to get better, continue to stay ready."

Rivers also mentioned Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley as players he is proud to see on the court, despite calling his limited role "unfortunate."

He knows his name is circling around the trade mill, but knows there's not much he can do.

"Obviously there’s been stuff about me being moved to other places... Some of the details I’m sure you'd like to have, I don’t have for you," he said.

But as long as he is in New York, he'll be supportive of his team.

"Obviously, I’m still part of the team," he said. "My enthusiasm is still there. I’m learning. Every experience is a learning experience; every experience is different... So just because that’s happening for me doesn’t mean my enthusiasm or my love for New York or the city or I don’t want to be here, that’s just not my mindset, that's not my energy. We have great guys here, we’ve worked so hard this season, our team’s playing hard every night, we have chances to win every night. As long as I'm here, I’m here."