An Austin businesswoman has launched Webb Jam, a digital platform featuring positive content with a global reach

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AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A newly-minted digital platform created to bring upbeat, inspiring, and amusing content has been introduced. It's named Webb Jam and it's based in Austin, Texas, has a global reach, and welcomes visitors to the site to enjoy or become a contributor.

The platform comprises 12 categories: cultural, educational, humorous and inspiring human interest stories, videos and entertaining photos. It is populated with content featuring positive, fun and educational activities around the world.

Lisa Webb, Founder and CEO of this contemporary platform, was inspired to create it when she felt overwhelmed with the negative daily news. "I know something good happened somewhere in the world today. We need to share it so we can all learn from one another and bring our digital world closer together," she said. Webb resolved to develop a platform to present good news, and to also make it available to users to add their content.

Webb leads a Webb Jam team of forward-looking, seasoned and diverse members with equally diverse skills; they work collaboratively to create content for the site. Going forward, visitors to the site are being invited to sign up to "become a jammer" and share their own uplifting, inspirational, and funny stories.

With a reported active global social media population exceeding 3.9 billion, the internet enables social networks to have a strong social impact and bodes well for Webb Jam's entry into the digital media world. Webb's goal is to build connections between Jammers (contributors) and visitors which differentiates it from other digital news sites.

Webb brings to her latest endeavor the experience of previously owning several businesses. Her career has included political consulting, marketing, public relations, and advertising; she also engaged in corporate communications and executive coaching.


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