Aurora Photographer Delights in Catching 'STEVE' on Camera

A keen photographer in South Indian Lake, Manitoba, spotted what he believes is an example of an aurora-like phenomenon known as STEVE, sharing footage of the impressive sight on November 30.

STEVE, or, to give it its full title, Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement, is “a ribbon of pink or mauve light,” which often comes accompanied by columns of green light, according to

A 2018 study indicated that the phenomenon is the result of “an optical manifestation” of “a pronounced subauroral ion drift.”

Footage shared to Twitter by Manitoba native Reynald John Roldan shows what he believed to be an example of STEVE, featuring a mauve-colored ribbon in the sky with an aurora-like green glow seen alongside.

Roldan told Storyful, “I was watching the northern lights from my porch when I noticed a unique color of purple, pink and green detaching from the aurora band and its heading to the south direction.”

A photographer who often captures the dazzling light shows offered by the aurora borealis, Roldan regularly posts similar footage to his Twitter page. Credit: @rjayroldan via Storyful

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