Audrina Patridge Stuns In Pink Bikini for South Beach Diet

Audrina Patridge Stuns In Pink Bikini for South Beach Diet

Audrina Patridge is adding a well deserved title to her resumé, she is now the new face & body for "South Beach Diet."

The "Hills: New Beginnings" star looked flawless in her two-piece pink bikini during her photo shoot for the popular diet. Patridge showed off her perfect abs accented by her remarkable tan.

“I love the lifestyle to begin with for South Beach,” Patridge told Us Weekly, adding, "It all starts from within. Living a healthy lifestyle, what you put in your body, really does affect you in every way.”

"I actually really do love all their food and it’s perfect for being a mom on the go and [for preparing] easy, quick, delicious meals.” She said

Audrina, who is still going through custody drama with Corey Bohan over her 3-year-old daughter, Kirra, also spoke on balancing good nutrition with being a mom.

“It’s so important to set the standards for your daughter, your children, because you need to teach them at a young age how to be healthy,” she said.

Audrina explained,

“You need to eat healthy. And eating healthy doesn’t mean you can only eat salads. It’s eating whatever you want in moderation and … just satisfying your taste buds.” Adds the reality TV star. “If you’re craving chocolate, eat a little piece of chocolate — you don’t have to eat the whole thing. So for Kirra, I try to teach her about fruits and veggies and cooking and exercising.”

Audrina says she works out “two to three days a week,” preferably in the morning," and that, "It’s funny because my daughter usually works out with me. I do stuff in the living room, like little workout videos. Or I’ll go to this place near my house and she’ll go with me and do squats and stuff.”

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