Auburn Twitter reacts to the Tigers’ foul-ridden loss to Texas A&M

Tigers’ fans may never hear a whistle the same way again.

Auburn dropped a tough game to Texas A&M on Tuesday, but there was one notable constant in the 83-78 loss — fouls. The Tigers committed a comical number of fouls, ending up with 27 personals on the night and sending the Aggies to the line for a staggering 39 free throws (Auburn only took 14). It proved to be the biggest difference-maker, as not even a 20-point performance by Wendell Green Jr. could prevent the Tigers from dropping yet another SEC game after falling out of the polls for the first time this year.

Auburn Twitter, of course, wasn’t thrilled. While many decried the performance of the referees for a perceived hand in Auburn’s foul trouble, others noted the Tigers’ continued struggles against Texas A&M on the hardcourt and Auburn’s worrying lack of Quad 1 wins on the year.

Take a look at just a few of Auburn Twitter’s reactions to the game below:

It's free throws all the way down

A simple request

It could be anybody

The Aggies seem to have the Tigers number...

...and so do Quad 1 teams this season

Not the best way to end a Tuesday

Some optimism amidst the pain?

Not a game for the highlight reels

That disparity seems a bit steep

It's a rollercoaster on the court

Story originally appeared on Auburn Wire