Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Is a Dad of 3: Meet His Kids With Late Ex-Wife Joan Archer Aldrin

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is a dad of three kids, James Michael Aldrin, Janice Ross Aldrin and Andrew John Aldrin, from his first marriage to Joan Archer Aldrin. Over the years, his kids have recalled what it was like growing up in the spotlight as their dad took part in the Apollo 11 mission. Keep scrolling to learn more about the pilot’s children. 

Who Are Buzz Aldrin’s Children with Late Ex-Wife Joan Archer Aldrin? 

After serving as a jet fighter pilot during the Korean War, Buzz set his sights on joining the astronaut corps. He became a member of NASA in 1963 and was assigned to the Apollo 11 mission a few years later. Buzz and Joan got married in 1954, and she was rooting him on at home as he walked on the moon on July 20, 1969. Their three kids recalled what it was like watching the whole thing happen on TV. 

“I didn’t have a concept that this was coming from the moon, and how crazy that was,” Janice told CNN in July 2021. “I was just disappointed that it wasn’t in color.”

Buzz Aldrin Kids: Astronaut’s Family Details, Grandkids
Buzz Aldrin Kids: Astronaut’s Family Details, Grandkids

Andrew revealed that at the time, he had “total faith in NASA and the Apollo program, and almost a complete lack of fear that anything bad was going to happen," adding, “It didn’t strike me that Apollo 11 was really all that scary or risky. It was just normal. It was, this was just the next mission we were going to do because that’s what dad said we were going to do.”

The siblings went on to share stories about how their father used to teach them science lessons when they were little. The MIT graduate loved sharing his physics knowledge with his children during their family outings to the zoo and even at dinner time. 

“I never asked my dad for help with my homework because I wouldn’t be able to understand what he was saying,” Buzz's only daughter recalled. “My eyes would start glazing over.”

Does Buzz Aldrin Have Any Grandkids?

After a successful space mission, Buzz and Joan divorced in 1974. She died at age 84 from natural causes on July 22, 2015. Before Joan’s death, she and Buzz became grandparents to Janice's son, Jeffrey Michael Schuss

Jeffrey and his wife, April Schuss, welcomed three sons together, Nathaniel, Benjamin and Archer, making Buzz a great-grandfather. In November 2020, the New Jersey native announced that the Aldrin family grew once more. 

“The latest addition to our family, great-granddaughter with great curiosity! Kaia Nicole, born September 22,” he wrote on Facebook alongside a photo of the newborn. 

The Dancing With the Stars alum was married to his second wife, Beverly Van Zile, from 1975 to 1978 and his third wife, Lois Driggs Cannon, from 1988 to 2013. Lois was a mom of three children from her first marriage to Bryant W. Cannon: Lisa Cannon, Brynn Cannon and Bryant Cannon. Buzz did not welcome any biological children during his second and third marriages.