These aren't your grandma's puzzles

Game night has been given a makeover, with Piecework Puzzles and Millennial Lotería's twist on the classic Mexican Bingo

Video Transcript

- What is up, everybody? Welcome back to Add To Cart. I am Daniel.

- I'm Nicole.

- And I'm Arianna.

- And today we were talking about games.

- Yes!

- What better way to pass the time in your home than games?

- Everyone loves a good game night.

- Right? Can I start? Can I start? I'm excited.

- Please do tell us.

- All right, what do we got? What do we got?

- I love this game. It's called Millennial Lotería.

- Ooh!

- All right? It's basically a completely modernized revamp of the old Mexican bingo game and this actually started as an Instagram account.

- What?

- Right? The founder of Millennial Lotería like started this as an Instagram account, started like making the cards into different things. Turn la dama into the la feminist. It's basically the same game just with new cards, cool things that are more relatable. I absolutely love it.

- Well, if you're not into bingo for the night, I have these beautiful luxury black playing cards.

- Those are so nice.

- So pretty. This is going to amp up your like regular game of Spades or Go Fish to the next level. They have this really nice gold metallic finish.

- Oh, I love it.

- So cool!

- And they also have some that have this really pretty silver finish.

- What else is great for a little game night? Puzzles!

- Oh yeah!

- Get two puzzles, The Forbidden Fruit puzzle and The Life Of The Party puzzle. 1,000 piece puzzle for each one. It's made out of really good 100% recycled paper.

- OK, well what are we playing first? Because I'm ready to go.

- Yeah, OK.

- OK.

- We'll catch you guys next time, but add these to your cart. We'll see you guys next time.

- Have fun guys, bye!

- Bye guys!

- What do you guys want to play?

- I'm thinking the Millennial Lotería.

- We got it, right? OK.

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