From the Archives: June 25 in the Pioneer

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Jun. 25—June 25, 2012 — Four Bemidji men successfully scaled Mt. Rainier in Washington state. Robert Saxton, Jeremy Fayette, Luke Rutten and Mark Morrissey, all from Bemidji, reached the 14,410-foot peak after seven hours of climbing. Reaching their destination at 8:30 in the morning, they stopped to take photos before beginning the trek down.

June 25, 1997 — A Florida cyclist stopped in Bemidji on his quest to bike from Florida to Alaska. After biking for 86 days and 3,067 miles, the man stopped in Bemidji to rest and do some laundry before starting again. Beginning in St. Petersburg, Fla., he hopes to reach Fairbanks, Alaska, by September.

June 25, 1972 — Bemidji's tennis enthusiasts are facing a major problem: too many players and too few tennis courts. There are only two courts in the city, housed at the junior high, and as interest in the sport continues to grow, so have calls to add courts to the high school and public parks, so far to no avail.

June 25, 1922 — After camping at Diamond Point Park, a visitor to Bemidji has complimented the city on its campgrounds and offerings. Jason Weatherhead, of Ada, Minn., said he believes the park will continue to attract thousands. In 1921, over 3,000 individuals camped at Diamond Point, this is expected to grow to 10,000 in coming years.