From the Archives: July 2 in the Pioneer

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Jul. 2—July 2, 2012 — A storm swept through Beltrami County with 80 mph, leading to toppled trees and the majority of the county reporting no power due to the number of power lines knocked down. The storm and associated power outage even led to a delay in the Pioneer, as staff had to go to a secondary location to finish the paper.

July 2, 1997 — The Bemidji School District is seeking $50 million to fund the construction of two new schools that would replace Bemidji High School and Lincoln Elementary School. If approved, the state could assist with 51% of the costs. The public will make the final decision in a referendum on November's ballot.

July 2, 1972 — A Bemidji family is taking a trip westward in an old-fashioned way. The Harvey Newby family is making the 1,400-mile journey to Idaho in a covered wagon. Their trip began on June 16, and they've made good progress as they've enjoyed the scenery. They expect to arrive in Idaho in mid-September.

July 2, 1922 — Fifty Bemidji railroad workers participated in a national strike, joining with 400,000 of their fellow workers across the country, including over 1,000 in Brainerd and 4,000 in St. Paul and Minneapolis. The workers walked out the morning of July 1, after union leaders called for national action to protest a cut in wages.