Archipelago launches a new collection of home cleaning & laundry essentials

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Archipelago has long been committed to transforming spaces into sanctuaries—imbuing homes and offices with scents that calm, revitalize, and inspire. As an extension of this philosophy, the luxury home goods brand has launched a brand-new collection of Cleaning Essentials, made with plant-based ingredients and natural fragrances.

Archipelago’s plant-based cleaning line up
Archipelago’s plant-based cleaning line up

Archipelago has held a reputation for their aromatic home accessories, like candles, bath & body products, and diffusers, since launching almost 25 years ago. Their Cleaning Essentials line-up features more of the scents their customers love, along with powerfully effective bio-based surfactants that are tough on grease, dirt, and germs while remaining safe for any environment.

"Our customers have long gravitated to Archipelago products for our fragrances, and the way they really transform a space and state of mind," says Archipelago founder David Klass. "Cleaning products felt like a natural next step for us. We wanted to bring them a "cleaner" cleaning option that could further enhance a space and make little tasks we do daily feel like small luxuries."

Through extensive research and development, the brand discovered plant-based alternatives for bleach and ammonia—often used in glass cleaner to prevent streaking.

"It's a long-time myth that you need chemicals like these to get a true clean," Klass notes.

The collection includes:

  • All Purpose Cleaner – MSRP $16

  • Glass Cleaner – MSRP $16

  • Grapefruit Dish Soap – MSRP $16

  • Grapefruit Hand Wash – MSRP $24

  • Grapefruit Hand Lotion – MSRP $26

  • Charcoal Rose Bio-Based Laundry Detergent – MSRP $24

  • Fragrance Free Spot Cleaner – MSRP $14

  • Grapefruit Alcohol Spray for Surfaces & Hands - $34

With transparency and purity at the forefront, the brand relied on plant-based surfactants and a simplified ingredient list so consumers could know exactly what they were using in their homes and spaces. It's added peace of mind.

"Our lives are changing a mile a minute, and it's important to find moments of relaxation and calm wherever we can get them—even if it's wiping down the counter tops, doing a load of laundry, or washing our hands. These are things we do the most, why not make them feel like a pleasure rather than a chore?"

Archipelago's Cleaning Essentials launches October 3rd and is available for purchase on


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