Aquasight Improves Utility Resiliency By Launching Its Automated Storm and Rain Heatmap Solution

A digital solution generates past, live, and forecasted storm analysis and its impacts on sewers for proactive wet weather management.

TROY, Mich., Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --

Innovative and critical storm event insights empowering utilities to make better and more informed decisions.

The Problem

Surface flooding and sewer overflows from more frequent, higher intensity and localized rain events pose severe risks to environment, public health, and sewer infrastructure. Historically, responses to these rain events have been more reactive in nature. This problem requires cities to adopt innovative solutions to address the impacts of a climate crisis and their underprepared infrastructure.

The Solution

Aquasight's ACE™ Rain Heatmaps and Storm Catalog solution provide critical insights to storm events in time for utilities to minimize flooding impacts or potential sewer overflows. It provides actionable, data-driven insights into current, past, and forecasted storm events, enabling all aspects of wastewater utility operations, from operator to utility executive, to make better, more informed decisions.

The GIS based solution provides rapid, automated, and on-the-fly live and historical storm event records correlated to each utility's unique design storm distributions. It provides powerful analytics to make crucial accurate visualization of storm event characteristics for rapid, proactive response to the effects of extreme rainfall events. It also merges sewer flows and levels across sewer shed.

"Historically, rain data was used by engineering teams and was underutilized by utility executives and operating staff for proactive utility management. Aquasight's solution meshes data from several sources for real time, data-driven decisions on where to divert the O&M resources during live events. The self-service analytics also help engineers build storm resistant infrastructure. Helping utilities make these impactful day-to-day decisions is our mission," says Jonathan Hasson, Aquasight VP of Smart Water Solutions.

About ACE™

Aquasight's ACE™ Intelligent Wastewater Solution is a comprehensive collection system intelligence platform with over 10 modules and built-in artificial intelligence capabilities.  It merges flows, levels, rain gauges, lift stations, asset data, hydraulic models, and much more to solve a variety of challenges in the sewer conveyance and collection systems. One of the modules in ACE is Real-Time Storm Event and Rain Heatmaps, which allows cities to proactively reduce the impacts of frequent and extreme rainfall events. Let Aquasight show you today how you can leverage this advanced intelligent water solution for your utility!

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