The Apostle Supper Club opening timeline revised; concept is also going to Duluth

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Dec. 1—If you were paying attention to Eat news timelines, you've probably noticed that The Apostle Supper Club and False Eye Doll tiki bar and lounge across the street from the Xcel was supposed to open in October, but has not done so.

Owner Brian Ingram of Purpose Driven Restaurants, which includes Hope Breakfast Bar and The Gnome Craft Pub, said the problem is 100 percent supply-chain related.

"We can't get our walk-in coolers," Ingram said. "It's pretty crazy out there what's happening with supplies. It's everything from insulation to windows to silverware. They're charging a fortune for it right now, too."

Ingram said they are hoping to get permits soon, but he's in no rush to open until everything is the way he wants it to be.

"This is the biggest project I've ever done," he said. "We are going to take it slow and easy. It's such a unique space, we're going for a certain look, a certain decor that has to be just right. The goal for sure is early spring — we would love to have it open by March."

In other Purpose Driven news, the outfit has taken over food operations at the Radisson in Duluth.

Changes are rolling in slowly, but there will be a Hope Breakfast-themed coffee shop and they'll bring The Apostle concept to the hotel's rotating restaurant. Remodeling for that project will begin in January.

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