Apex Health Services Announces: Surplus Medical Equipment Buyback/Auction Solution for Medical Facility Decommissions

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Apex Health Services adds Surplus Medical Equipment Buyback/Auction to their suite of healthcare facility transition services.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Apex Health Services is the primary, one-stop solution for healthcare facilities that are relocating, expanding or decommissioning. They are launching a new service, Surplus Medical Equipment Buyback/Auction. This service helps clients streamline the disposition process, maximize profits and minimize the disruption to their facilities.

Apex Health Services helps healthcare partners generate revenue from surplus assets, making the decommission process easier and more cost-effective for them. Apex purchases or auctions off surplus equipment, allowing clients to get closer to a zero-out of the cost of what they would pay to clear it from the building. Apex handles the entire decommission process from beginning to end, relieving the burden on healthcare facility resources by:

  • Consolidating and appraising excess equipment

  • Reallocating, warehousing and distributing assets for sale

  • Managing the inventory and transportation for distribution

  • Creating a dynamic online auction site with photos and product descriptions

  • Auctioning surplus equipment for market value to a nationwide audience

  • Taking care of all disclosures and chain-of-custody paperwork

Most medical facilities don't have the time or the contacts it takes to make the arrangements for the auction, sale and transportation of excess equipment. When Apex Health Services handles the process for facilities, they benefit by:

Offsetting the purchase of new equipment or operational expenses
Maximizing profits by generating revenue from surplus assets
Minimizing the disruption to their facilities

Since 2009, Apex Health Services has been managing facility transitions for some of the largest health systems in the nation. Apex Health Services manages the entire decommission process for their clients with precision, including: Planning, Consolidation, Inventory and Relocation Transportation. Now, Apex can help facilities streamline the disposition of surplus medical equipment and generate revenue with their buyback/auction service.

Decommissioning is only one piece of the healthcare transition process. Apex Health Services has the experience and expertise to manage every aspect of comprehensive projects: Planning, Relocation, Warehousing, Installation and Decommission. Understanding that each client has specific needs, Apex has the flexibility to be that one-stop solution to meet every transition need or fill in any gaps needed to complete ongoing projects. For more information, contact Apex Health Services.

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