Antonio Brown sued for alleged unpaid $38K bill by 'The Sports Chef'

Just when a sense of relative normalcy appeared to be settling in for Antonio Brown, a guy who calls himself “The Sports Chef” is suing the mercurial Oakland Raiders receiver for an unpaid bill.

Stefano Tedeschi claims that Brown stiffed him on a $38,521.20 chef’s bill from a days-long Pro Bowl party at an Orlando mansion in 2018 in a July 30 civil suit filed in Osceola County and obtained by ESPN.

Chef says he was warned not to make eye contact

Tedeschi told ESPN that Brown would not allow him to retrieve food or equipment from the mansion after the party and that an associate of the receiver told him not to make eye contact with Brown as he left the property.


Tedeschi told ESPN he paid his staff out of pocket for their work and that he never received an explanation for the lack of payment. He also said that Brown later offered to pay him in social media advertising.

“I've cooked for countless NFL superstars and celebrities,” Tedeschi said. “Never once have I had one problem. My food is so good, and my mannerisms in someone's home is second to none.”

A Florida chef suing Antonio Brown says the wide receiver didn't allow him to retrieve his food and equipment from a mansion party. (Reuters)
A Florida chef suing Antonio Brown says the wide receiver didn't allow him to retrieve his food and equipment from a mansion party. (Reuters)

Brown’s lawyer Darren Heitner told ESPN that he would address the situation in the legal system.

“We expect to be filing a motion to dismiss the complaint and will let the filing speak for itself," Heitner said.

Brown engaged with Tedeschi Friday evening, calling him a “thief” and a “con artist” in a Tweet that was later deleted.


Another lawsuit against Brown

This is the second legal claim for unpaid services levied against Brown in recent weeks.

Personal trainer Sean Pena is suing Brown for $7,194.81 in “unpaid training services.” His lawyer Michael D. Kolodzi told TMZ that Pena wasn’t the first client of his that Brown had refused to pay.

“Indeed, Pena is one of many trainers that Brown has stiffed,” Kolodzi said. “It is a repeated pattern of conduct with Brown which assuredly will be brought to the attention of the court.”

Prior to the lawsuit from the personal trainer, Brown reportedly settled another civil case after he was accused of throwing furniture off the balcony of a Florida condominium.

The plaintiff claimed that his 22-month-old son “was severely traumatized” by the incident after the furniture landed around the boy and his grandfather, who were sitting poolside below.

More drama in Oakland

And since then, of course, we’ve learned of Brown’s frostbitten feet and battle with the NFL over his choice of helmet.

The Raiders knew they were bargaining for drama when they traded for Brown. They likely didn’t expect it to this excess.

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