Another Apprentice candidate fired after Brighton challenge flop

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Apprentice candidate fired after Brighton taskFremantle Media - BBC

The Apprentice season 17, episode 4 spoilers follow.

Week four of The Apprentice saw the competitors head to Brighton and Hove, where they had to find nine items important to the area.

Items included a Sussex trug, a nautical barometer, an ombré lace frontal, a 45 RPM vinyl of the winner of Eurovision in 1974 (ABBA's "Waterloo", for those wanting to know), 1kg of fresh-picked asparagus spears, a palourde (aka a clam), a small resin casting of a body part, and more.

The team that secured the most items at the lowest prices would win — vitally, if they made it back to Brighton Palace Pier in time.

At the end of the teams' hunts, Denisha Kaur Bharj, a financial controller from Leicestershire, was fired.

the apprentice denisha, the apprentice 2023

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Last week, Gregory was axed after his team failed to own up to their missteps. On tonight's (January 26) episode, a new project manager had to be found.

Denisha was already appointed as PM of Team Apex, and Team Affinity chose Simba as their leader.

The presence of maps at the table stumped the contestants, with all agreeing that they were "before their time". That didn't bode well for a timed trek across unfamiliar territory for items that proved difficult to find.

For Team Affinity, Rochelle tried to strike a deal for a body cast, with Avi interjecting to little success. Thankfully, Rochelle managed to mend bridges and secure a piece, but Avi's negotiation skills might be doubted going forward.

the apprentice reece and denisha, the apprentice 2023

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Meanwhile, Denisha's side was on the hunt for Sahara Desert roses — but the florist hadn't ever heard of them.

A quick Google on this end shows that Sahara Desert roses are actually made out of crystal clusters of sand (the more you know), so maybe a florist isn't the best place to be looking for them.

Karren Brady didn't look impressed, and that's putting it mildly. When the team called and visited multiple florists and they all hadn't heard of Sahara Desert roses, a baffled Karren stated to the camera: "If that's not a clue, I don't know what is!"

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Despite Team Affinity facing some struggles in negotiating lower prices during purchases, and buying a barometer that wasn't nautical (thus disqualifying the item), Simba led the team to a win.

Team Affinity bought six of the nine items for £277.89. They also spent £25 on the incorrect barometer, bringing their total spend to £302.89. However, for that item and for the two others they didn't secure, the team racked up £150 in fines from Lord Sugar.

Team Affinity's grand total was £452.89.

Meanwhile, Team Apex bought five of the nine items, plus one incorrect item (the Sussex trug), for a total of £311.50. Since the team purchased an incorrect item and didn't manage to secure three items, Lord Sugar fined them £200.

Team Apex's grand total was £511.50.

the apprentice denisha, the apprentice 2023

Unsurprisingly, Denisha's stint as PM secured her place on the firing line.

"Denisha, you're clearly no good at logistics, because it was like organised chaos," Lord Sugar explained.

"You had your chance to show me whether you were any good at logistics and dealing with people. And I'm very sorry to say that you have not impressed me.

"So it is with regret, Denisha, that you're fired."

The Apprentice airs on BBC One, with spin-off series You're Fired airing immediately afterwards on BBC Two.

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