Animator creates 'It's a Woke World After All' Disney spoof

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Animator creates 'It's a Woke World After All' Disney spoof

An animation artist created a video satire of Disney's "It's a Small World" ride, called "It's a Woke World After All," showing the world overrun with left-wing rioters and anti-white propaganda.

The video is shot from the perspective of someone on the classic Disney ride, but instead of cheerful international children singing and dancing, the video shows a dark, "woke" future.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to 'It's a Woke World,'" an announcer says over a speaker before the boat enters the ride.


The "It's a Small World" tune begins to play, but with much different lyrics.

"It's a world of privilege, in boats that are cramped. Welcome to Disney’s reeducation camp. So if your skin is white, it is time you’re contrite — it's a woke world after all," the song goes, as the rider passes Chinese Communist Party propaganda and children sitting in a classroom with "All Whites Are Racist" written on a chalkboard.

A miniature Disney park entrance is seen with "equitable" ticket prices based on the race of the guests entering. Next, viewers see the "Oppression Hall of Fame," featuring LeBron James and Collin Kaepernick.

The ride travels into a Communist China area, showing sweatshops, a graveyard for the "millions" of victims of the CCP's genocide, and Uyghurs marching through a concentration camp.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology also makes an appearance, with scientists playing volleyball with a cell of the coronavirus.

"There is a land where you once lived free as a capitalist pig of the bourgeoisie. We could eat ‘til we’re fat and would vote Democrat if we just get past that wall," the song continues. "We’re all Marxists after all. It's a woke world after all."


The ride passes illegal immigrants wearing "Biden please let us in" shirts climbing over the southern border wall. The ride concludes showing antifa militants burning down a city with Molotov cocktails along with Black Lives Matter graffiti painted on a wall.

The creator of the animation, a Twitter user named PolitiZoid, tweeted a statement along with the video: "Walt [Disney] was a patriot. He would be appalled at the current state of his once great company. It’s time for the regular folks to stand up to corporatism."

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