Americans drink more during holidays; many would give up social media for no hangovers

New U.S. survey looks at drinking habits, hangovers, and holiday impact

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- 'Tis the season to drink and be merry, according to a new consumer of 1,339 Americans over age 21, conducted by Myrkl  earlier this month. More than half of Americans drink more during the holiday season, with one in three women experiencing a hangover after just ½ drinks, versus 23% of men. Women are also 10 points more likely than men to feel the effects of a hangover after 3-4 drinks (33% vs. 23%).

U.S. survey conducted by Myrkl looks at drinking habits, hangovers, and holiday impact
U.S. survey conducted by Myrkl looks at drinking habits, hangovers, and holiday impact

With hangovers, a common holiday occurrence, the most common symptoms are headache (44%), dehydration (39%), fatigue (29%), and nausea (24%). The trending "hangxiety" symptom, increased anxiety after a night of drinking, impacts only 14% of people. The effects are so impactful that ¼ of Americans would give up social media, 20% would give up caffeine, and 5% would give up their spouse to never have to experience another hangover.

"While we're seeing a shift in drinking culture, with people more conscious of their intake and seeking to curb usage, it doesn't change the fact that any amount of alcohol can negatively impact a person's daily life," said Frederic Fernandez, co-owner and board member of de Faire Medical. "The study shows that Americans, even drinking one to two drinks, are dealing with the negative effects that alcohol consumption brings."

Productivity takes a dive for more than half of respondents, with 45% reporting skipping workouts, nearly 40% hunkering down in their home for the day, and one in five skipping work.

During the holidays, 67% of Americans enjoy holiday parties with family and friends, 46% enjoy drinks with friends and family during the holidays and 24% enjoy company/work holiday parties. Work parties also lead to too much drinking for one in three of Americans, with the same amount saying hangovers are the worst part of work events.

Nearly 40% of Americans say they would go out and socialize more if they could prevent being hungover after - and half just want a miracle pill to prevent them altogether.

Swedish probiotic product Myrkl surveyed 1,339 Americans over 21 in early December 2022. Myrkl (pronounced "miracle") is the first-ever product in history to demonstrate the breakdown of alcohol effectively in the gut, eliminating 70% before it reaches the liver and reducing common symptoms experienced after drinking alcohol.

About De Faire Medical
De Faire Medical (DFM) is a Swedish probiotic company innovating the vitamins, minerals, and supplements (VMS) category with a breakthrough portfolio of natural and scientifically proven, yet affordable products. DFM invented the first formula (AB001™) in history showing promising results breaking down alcohol effectively in the gut before it reaches the liver. More supplement products are in the pipeline, including for weight-loss, type-two diabetes. For more information, please visit: 

Responsible Marketing Framework

Beyond complying with regulations, inventing, and selling Myrkl brings with it responsibilities. DFM is committed to responsibly promoting any products containing AB001. DFM holds a clear and unambiguous position on alcohol as a toxic substance from the first drop ingested and everyone must always respect Government and official guidelines when it comes to alcohol consumption. AB001™ is never an excuse to drink excess alcohol, or worse, to drink and drive. DFM will never describe or position alcohol in a positive light, will never target young and student population in marketing activities, and will support charities fighting the negative impact of alcohol in the markets the company operates in.



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