American Airlines Updates Path to Net-Zero Emissions by 2050

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Northampton, MA --News Direct-- American Airlines

Underpinning American's strategy to achieve net-zero GHG emissions is the in-depth analysis the airline conducted in 2019–2020 to understand the climate-related risks and opportunities facing the company. American studied potential impacts on the business, operations and the broader environment. The airline is using these insights to target its efforts where it can have the most meaningful near-term impact in reducing its carbon footprint and mitigating its most significant climate-related risks.

American's climate strategy is focused on driving progress across six key levers — some of which it have the ability to influence directly and some of which will require action and collaboration across sectors and the aviation industry. Government policy decisions will also play a critical role.

The accompanying infographic, which was included in the airline's latest ESG report, reflects each lever’s current CO2 emissions and American's latest expectations about the role it will play in getting to net zero in 2050. The airline added the intermediate 2035 target it has set — and updated the illustrative pathway for reaching both our 2035 and 2050 targets — to align its reporting with the commitment it has undertaken with SBTi. To achieve that new target, American made more aggressive assumptions regarding the availability of sustainable aviation fuel and the approval and adoption of hydrogen and electric propulsion aircraft.

American will continually update its anticipated pathway to 2050 as technology advances and other factors impact the operating environment.

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