Today only: Treat your pup to gourmet Stella and Chewy treats, starting at just $7

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Take meal time to the next level. (Photo: Amazon)
Take meal time to the next level. (Photo: Amazon)

Our pups have been our lifesavers over the past year. They’ve been our constant companions, a source of comfort, cheer and even sometimes comedy (sure, maybe the bar has been set pretty low, but a silly sneeze or poorly timed leap has left us wondering if our dog is the next comedy great).

Naturally, you want to thank your furry friend for all their help, but the usual table scraps often lack the natural ingredients that dogs need (and, frankly, are better for them). Stella & Chewy offers a wide range of delicious raw toppers to make Champ or Chloe’s kibbles a delicious meal they’ll spend all day dreaming about. From Super Beef Patties to Wild Weenies, there’s something for every pup, and just for today, they’re 25 percent off on Amazon. What a treat!

Here’s what could be on the menu for your furry friend:

Single Ingredient Treats

You'll know exactly what they're eating. All they'll know is it's delicious. (Photo: Amazon)
You'll know exactly what they're eating. All they'll know is it's delicious. (Photo: Amazon)

You try your best to know what you’re feeding your dog, but some seemingly simple treats can often have ingredients lists longer than Infinite Jest. That’s what makes Stella & Chewy’s Single Ingredient Treats such a relief. They’re grain-free, 100 percent pure raw freeze-dried meat, with single-ingredient options ranging from beef or lamb hearts to chicken liver.

“My dogs turn their noses up at almost all treats on the market. But this brand uses real meat with no additives, they actually look good enough for human consumption,” one five-star reviewer shared, “Also, a little bit goes a long way. After one or two treats, my dogs are happy and aren't still begging for more. I definitely recommend these to the discriminating pet owner who wants their pets to have high quality nutrition.”

Shop it: Stella & Chewy’s Single Ingredient Treats, $7 (was $10),

Crav’n Bac’n Bites Training Treats

Be the Mickey to your pup's Rocky with training treats they'll flip for. (Photo: Amazon)
Be the Mickey to your pup's Rocky with training treats they'll flip for. (Photo: Amazon)

Looking for a healthy way to encourage good behavior in your pup — whether it’s to finally get them to use those expensive special stairs you ordered, or not run to the door every time someone dares walk past?

Thankfully, these tasty training treats are the perfect reward for your tiny student, and at only three calories per treat, they’re a guilt-free way to encourage repetition to help those lessons stick. They come in a multitude of bacon-packed flavors, and are free of potatoes, legumes and fillers. If only that calligraphy class you signed up for had been this tasty.

“My puppy goes crazy for them and I can see why!” one shopper shared. “The second I opened the bag the smell of real bacon wafted up at me. I love the raw diet and it’s been fantastic for him.”

Shop it: Crav’n Bac’n Bites Training Treats, $7 (was $10),

Stella’s Super Beef Dinner Patties

A natural, nutritious meal in the palm of your hands (Photo: Amazon)
A natural, nutritious meal in the palm of your hands (Photo: Amazon)

Even after centuries of domestication, our dogs still like to think they’re hunters (much to the terror of all local pigeons, squirrels, and dust bunnies). They constantly crave the flavors and nutrients they would get in the wild, and for a long time, unless you were “Crocodile Dundee,” that was kinda hard to consistently offer your domesticated dog on a daily basis.

Thanks to new techniques in freeze-drying, though, our modern mutts can get all the benefits of a raw-food diet. Stella & Chewy’s Dinner Patties are made of 95 percent beef, and 100 percent organic certified fruits and vegetables to ensure your dog is eating just as they would in the wild. Best of all, this 14 oz. bag will last even the hungriest pup a good, long while.

Stella & Chewy’s Dinner Patties have over 4,700 five-star reviews on Amazon. “My three year old Shihtzu has been the world's most finicky eater!” one enthusiastic reviewer said, “I ordered one bag to try. Ben loved it so much, I am getting ready to order our third bag! I am really happy to have finally found something he will eat! Thank you Stella and Chewy's!!!!!”

Shop it: Stella’s Super Beef Dinner Patties, $22 (was $30),

Carnivore Crunch

For the pet that loves to chew (Photo: Amazon)
For the pet that loves to chew (Photo: Amazon)

Maybe it’s that wild animal instinct. Maybe they just want to gloat about their tasty meal. Or maybe they just want to see if they can chew so loud they drown out the newest episode of The Great British Bake-Off (in our house, the answer is yes). Whatever the reason, some dogs just love to crunch. And for those kibble-crushing connoisseurs, look no further than the Carnivore Crunch.

Made from all-natural meat, organ and bones, these crunchy, bite-sized treats come in four different flavors: Beef, Chicken, Duck and Turkey. Plus, with over 1,000 five-star reviews, it seems pets just can’t get enough.

“My Boston Terrier is extremely picky when it comes to the food/treats he will eat, and I am equally as picky about which food/treats I will feed him,” one fan shared. “Spike loves the taste and I love that it is made with cage free, antibiotic free, no hormones added meat right here in the USA. Plus no grains or gluten!”

Shop it: Carnivore Crunch, $7 (was $10),

Wild Weenies

Your dog will truly go wild for these weenies (Photo: Amazon)
Your dog will truly go wild for these weenies (Photo: Amazon)

Cartoons don’t always tell us the truth (rabbits don’t really crave brightly colored cereals, for example), but art truly reflected life any time Pluto darted for a string of sausages. Dogs love hot dogs, but their contents typically aren’t healthy for our furry friends (or really us either, but let’s worry about them for now). Thankfully, Stella & Chewy’s Wild Weenies are the shape and taste your dog craves, but made with all-natural ingredients to support healthy digestion and stamina.

These weenies have over 1,300 enthusiastic five-star reviews on Amazon, with one reviewer declaring:

“I can’t say personally what the flavor is like, but considering Ringo’s reaction to us asking if he wants a treat, they must be scrumptious!”.

Another added: “Our dog is very small, a very picky eater, and has a very sensitive tummy. These are the only treats she consistently eats. While crunchy, they are not hard to chew. The simple ingredients agree with her tummy.”

Shop it: Wild Weenies, $7 (was $10),

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