Amazon’s Best-Selling Laundry Bags Make Washing Bras So Much Easier

“These bags are truly a laundry game changer.”

When you finally find a bra that fits perfectly, tossing it in the washing machine with the rest of your dirty laundry can feel like a risky game. Will it shrink, snag, or end up misshapen in the span of one delicate cycle?

There’s nothing worse than losing a precious piece of clothing or lingerie (like one of our favorite Jennifer Garner-approved bras) to the wrath of an unpredictable washing machine, which is why you might consider minimizing your risk of a laundry mishap with a simple, affordable product.

Mesh bags are the ultimate laundry hack and this set from Bagail will help keep your bras, blouses, hosiery, and underwear fitting and looking their best. Amazon’s number one best-selling laundry bags include five mesh bags in a range of sizes to fit all of your laundry needs.

They’re made with a breathable polyester fiber material that’s safe to use in the washer and even in the dryer at low temperatures. Simply put your delicates in an appropriately sized bag, zip it up, and toss it in with the rest of your wash. The set includes four white bags that can be used for light-colored items and one large black bag for darker pieces.

Not only are the bags designed to protect your nice tops, sweaters, and lingerie, but you can also use them to organize your suitcase or even to separate dirty sports gear in your gym bag after a workout. And at just $8, the bags are an affordable investment that will save you money in the long-term since you won’t be replacing delicates that accidentally get destroyed in the wash.

To buy: $8;

Amazon shoppers aren’t shy about praising the simple mesh bags, tallying up 3,560 five-star reviews on the site so far. Reviewers wrote that the bags are incredibly durable and effective at protecting even the most delicate items. Plus, they make the dreaded chore just a little bit easier.

“These bags were surprisingly great quality, much higher than the brand name ones I previously owned… This product has exceeded my expectations, as I have now been using them for about a year, and they show no signs of wear,” one shopper said.

Along with sweaters and bras, the bags will even protect intricate tops. One user who used the bags to wash sequined and beaded shirts wrote, “None of the sequins fell off. None of the beads fell off… I am very pleased with how the mesh bags held up in the washing machine.”

They’re also perfect for people who don’t have time do multiple loads of meticulously sorted laundry. “These bags are truly a laundry game changer. They not only help extend the life of delicates, but they allow me to do things like wash my nice sweater with my husband's heavy jeans without having to worry about sorting a million different loads. My family are minimalists, so we don't have enough laundry to sort like that,” one shopper shared.

Mesh laundry bags are a simple purchase that could potentially save you money and heartache down the line. Stock up on the laundry essential from Amazon so you’ll never have to worry about ruining your favorite bra or sweater in the wash again.