Alpha Services and Holdings to present at the dbVIC - Deutsche Bank ADR Virtual Investor Conference on 12 May 2021

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Company invites individual and institutional investors, as well as advisors, to attend interactive, real-time virtual event

ATHENS, Greece, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Alpha Services and Holdings (Share ticker: ACBr.AT, ADR ticker: ALBKY.PK), based in Greece, today announced that Dimitrios Kostopoulos, Head of Investor Relations, will present at the dbVIC - Deutsche Bank American Depositary Receipt (ADR) Virtual Investor Conference on May 12. This virtual investor conference is aimed exclusively at introducing global companies with ADR programs to investors.

DATE: May 12, 2021
TIME: 12:00 EST / 17:00 GMT

This will be a live, interactive online event where investors are invited to ask the company questions in real-time - both in the presentation hall as well as the organization's "virtual trade booth." If attendees are not able to join the event live on the day of the conference, an archived webcast will also be made available after the event.

It is recommended that investors pre-register and run the online system check to expedite participation and receive event updates.

Participation is free of charge.

About Alpha Services and Holdings
Alpha Services and Holdings S.A. (under the distinctive title Alpha Services and Holdings) is a financial holdings company, listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, and the parent company of the banking institution "ALPHA BANK S.A.".

Subsequent to the corporate transformation that took place in April 2021, the banking operations were hived-down to a new wholly owned banking subsidiary (Alpha Bank S.A.).

Alpha Bank S.A. is 100% subsidiary of Alpha Services and Holdings S.A. and one of the leading Groups of the financial sector in Greece which was founded in 1879 by J.F. Costopoulos. The Bank offers a wide range of high-quality financial products and services, including retail banking, SMEs and corporate banking, asset management and private banking, the distribution of insurance products, investment banking, brokerage and real estate management.

Recent Company Highlights

  • Alpha Bank's Project Galaxy, the 2nd largest rated NPE securitization in Europe of Euro 10.8bn nears completion

  • Post Galaxy, Alpha Bank's NPE and NPL ratio in Greece is reduced to 24% and 13% respectively

  • Balance sheet clean-up continues unabated with Euro 3.3bn of NPE transactions in 2021; Single digit NPE ratio in Greece targeted by year-end 2022

  • Alpha Bank successfully completed a Tier II bond issuance with a 5.5% coupon for an amount of Euro 500 million, further optimizing its capital structure

  • Total Capital ratio at 18.4% in December 2020, or 16.9% pro forma for Galaxy and Tier II issuance


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