Air Force Vet Finds Long Lost Korean Family Using Social Media

Isa Peralta
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After an online request for help goes viral, a Korean American Air Force vet finds her dying mother's family in three days. #HelpForHyon: Last Thursday, former airborne linguist Isabelle Hyon DuCharme posted on social media about her search for her long-lost family members, as reported on NextShark.

  • DuCharme's mother, Hyon Chu DuCharme, is currently on life support. After becoming severely injured due to a car accident on Christmas Day, she also tested positive for COVID-19 at the hospital.

  • DuCharme posted on different social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, hoping to find her mother's siblings living in South Korea.

  • Countless people helped to spread DuCharme's message. Fans of the K-pop group BTS shared a Korean version of her tweet, while the original post was retweeted more than 51,000 times.

  • DuCharme's tweet received so much support that #HelpForHyon became a popular hashtag.

Reunited at last: On Sunday, DuCharme updated her various social media accounts with good news about her mother's siblings.

  • "WE FOUND THEM. Thank you so so much to everyone who helped us reach them... After a long almost decade of being disconnected and my cousin @dp.zhd and I both searching tirelessly for each other, every single one of you who shared this story made this happen," DuCharme wrote in a recent Facebook post.

  • In one of her most recent tweets about the search, DuCharme also shared that she was able to communicate to her mother's family and cousins through a translator.

  • “We video chatted & saw our ENTIRE family (mom’s siblings & all of our cousins) using a translator, &then they got to do a video call with my mom in the hospital to talk to her while she’s in her coma.,” DuCharme tweeted.

  • DuCharme also posted various screenshots and heartwarming photos and videos of calls with her relatives.

Featured Image via Isabelle Hyon

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